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  1. On January 12th, I'll be leaving to Japan for three months to take part in the JLS Program.


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    2. Maes


      You are not truly hardcore until you find an esoteric shooter game like Madarame did.

      Jodwin said:

      Also high school girls aren't as common as you'd think.

      Gotta play with whatever you can get hold of, bro.

    3. Shaikoten


      Jodwin said:

      Yes and no; I've yet to see any people who'd be upfront racist. Okay sure, it's been only three weeks, but even if you'd meet just one racist person in three weeks that's not so bad. And the Japanese people I've met have all been friendly, as a matter of fact the lack of "OMG STUPID GAIJIN"-itis has been pretty surprising so far.

      Besides, it helps if you actually realize that you're the visitor and take the stick out of your ass. And you don't need to take everything too seriously either; we often make fun of ourselves when we're acting like STUPID GAIJIN - and the locals don't seem to mind us that much.

      I think the racist thing is less in Tokyo, and definitely less for tourists. People seem to tell me it's only when you settle in with a house and job that people start to really go like "no, seriously, why are you here? GTFO." But seriously, wtf do I know? Have fun seeing what a dose of radiation and post-war shame can do to twist American culture to insanity. :3

      Also, Maes, there were actually a couple decent looking girls in that ugly Japanese girl video. By a couple I mean two, exactly. But yeah, not a surprise.

    4. Mr. T

      Mr. T

      Don't worry, there's plenty of racism to go around. It's just a passive, nuanced racism that you will pick up after spending some time with real Japanese people...

      Count the number of times they correct you with "Japanese people think..." as if every Japanese person is part of some homogenous group (which to be fair, they are).

      But I'm not a hater or bitter, jaded "please make me feel special" gaijin, so I'm not going to rag on the country too much. You're only here for a few months, so everyone will be on their best behaviour and accomodating. Enjoy it!