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  1. Jodwin

    Jade Earth



    A massive UAC base hidden deep underground. Save, soldier, because you're going to need it (par time 1:20:00). Story on the bottom of the txt.
  2. Having been bored, I decided to do something about the situation and create as easy and fast to use Doom Launcher as possible. Thus came C#4rp Doom Launcher (or CDL) to life. link: http://www.cheeseportal.net/modules.php?name=programsindex CDL is basically just like many other Doom launchers, but it has a few prominent features such as automatically searching given wad folders for files of interest (.wads, .dehs, .lmps and .zips) and adding them to lists for faster selection compared to using file dialogs like in many other launchers. CDL also separates IWADs from the found wad files and adds them to a list of their own and for ports which can not use .zip files on their own, it extracts the contents of the zip to a temporary folder for the duration of playing. All of the checked .wads are run with -file commandline arg, .dehs with -deh and .lmps with -playdemo. If the selected port supports zips, the zips are added to -file, if not the files included in the zip are used per their file type. CDL requires .NET Framework 2.0 to run. Comments, feature requests, etc. are welcome. The only known "bug" is that if the given data directory paths include spaces, the files in those just won't work. EDIT: And a screenshot: http://www.cheeseportal.net/images/programs/CDL.png
  3. Jodwin

    Why digital only consoles won't happen

    Or unlike the delusional people here I understand how markets work. One store dying does not automatically mean that a market is no more financially profitable, rather, it only means that there was no more space for as many competitors as before. Not to mention I know better not to confuse game markets with unrelated businesses: Blockbuster was a rental service which is not comparable to retailers as they work to serve different user needs, and you can't compare music to console games as the consumer behaviour and expecations between them are very different. Steam is never going to kill game retailers for a very simple reason: Game retailers make their money from console games, while Steam makes its money from PC games. These are two entirely separate markets. GameStop reported a net income in 2013, which they would have never done if they were struggling as you seem to believe. Those consumers who buy consoles are used to the idea of purchasing physical copies of video games even while we're just fine with renting ours from Steam, and that behaviour model isn't going to disappear overnight. Not to mention that to buy a console in the first place you need to get it from one kind of a retailer or an other - more often than not that same retailer is also going to be selling physical copies of video games for that same system. @geekmarine: The reason for day 1 patches is exactly what geo mentioned: It takes literally months to get a console game from the programmer's hard drive into Gamestop for sale. During that time it needs to go through a couple of rounds of internal quality assurance for both Microsoft and Sony, it needs to be sent to production plants for printing on DVDs and finally shipped overseas from China to all over the world and piled on the shelves of your nearby game store. Rather than considering day 1 patches bad we should happy to have them, because at least nowadays developers can utilize all that dead time by working on the games.
  4. AGDQ has always had a couple of "weird" games for speedrunning, and Broforce fits the bill perfectly because it's ridiculously random. So it being on the list despite being work in progress is fine because it's never going to be a serious speedrunning game anyway. Unless the developers add a fixed randomless-mode, that is.
  5. Jodwin

    Why digital only consoles won't happen

    Blockbuster didn't have Black Friday and holiday season sales on its side, though.
  6. Jodwin

    Why digital only consoles won't happen

    The only way we might see digital only systems is if retail stores go out of business. As long as they're still a big enough source of revenue physical copies will stay.
  7. It's perfectly possible that some people get motion sickness, or issues related to motion sickness, on higher fps, just the same way that some people get sick in a car or on a boat. I recall hearing anecdotes that some get motion sickness because of weapon bobbing in Doom, and it would only make sense that those effects would be increased on higher frame rate. You could try disabling that and see if it helps. Your initial conversion into the church of high fps wasn't wrong, since objectively speaking more frames is better. But since you yourself are subject to motion sickness from games then obviously you have to try and circumvent those issues with whatever works for you.
  8. For a couple of reasons: First of all, the extra cost from the more complicated engineering would increase the system price significantly, lowering initial hardware sales which further on means you'll have a smaller player base meaning less revenue from game licensing fees. Second, the kind of people who prefer consoles do not want modularity. Not only would it increase the total cost of your console over the years if you keep buying upgrades, but if you don't upgrade you wouldn't know what games you can buy. I remember seeing plaques in markets saying that DS can't run 3DS games because otherwise people might mistakenly buy 3DS games for their kids' old DSs. Imagine if Joe Shmoes had to figure out which of the ten different PS or XBox configurations their kids had when buying Christmas presents... There's a reason why today we laugh at all the Sega expansions instead of considering them the pinnacle of classic console design. ;) @hg: There really isn't a point. The Steambox is in that weird space where console enthusiast probably don't care about its features, and PC gamers who'd want to play on a TV are more likely to buy an HDMI cable or a wireless transmitter instead of an expensive specialist computer in addition to their desktop.
  9. I'm fairly sure PS4 can't run it at +60 fps on 1080p. I could easily max the settings, but that would drop the performance to the peasantry 30-40 frames per second, which I find unplayable. So sure, in theory any console can easily put out the same graphical fidelity that TB's monster box can, but that doesn't mean they would do that on a playable speed.
  10. Buuuullshiiiii~t. Far Cry 4 was released with a poorly optimized PC port which you couldn't run properly without the latest NVidia drivers that were released after the game was out (assuming you're using an NVidia card, of course), and even then it had massive stuttering issues that could only be fixed by forcing the game to use shitty textures through a config file. Only this week they released a patch that fixes the stuttering issue for most people, although some have reported even worse performance. That's got absolutely nothing to do with hardware performance and all with shitty PC port programmers at Ubisoft Kiev. Personally, I can now run FarCry 4 on very high settings constantly at 60-90 fps on a $1k machine. Your consoles with lots of super slow cores will never get anywhere close in performance because Amdahl's law's a bitch. That's science, unlike your MULTIPLY CORES BY HURTZ TO GET POWARRR -maths.
  11. Then why doesn't every country have the same violent crime rates, if violent behavior is so ingrained in our genes?
  12. Jodwin

    cleaning your pc

    ...which can mean the same thing. Most modern components throttle their performance if the computer is getting too hot to avoid overheating, so in theory dusting your computer could improve performance. Of course that only applies if you're hitting those temperature caps. You can also avoid cleaning your box if you've got a case with some filters in it: My case is next to my bed on the floor, and it had virtually no dust inside after a year of use.
  13. Jodwin

    Tycoon Games

    Nowadays I'm partial to Mini Metro. Sometimes less is more, after all.
  14. Jodwin

    America's dad serial rapist?

    Yeah, as if no one has ever falsely accused someone else of sexual assault in the hopes of getting unfair compensations. It is, in fact, even more likely when it's about a celebrity: Assuming that you do get to court and the court happens to rule in your favor you would get paid even more. And even if things wouldn't escalate that far there's a chance that the celeb's PR team would try to silence you with money which, since the whole thing was fabricated to begin with, would be a win for you. Now, you may say that there's no way anyone would try something as stupid as that. No way false accusations of sexual assault could hold in court. But that's the thing: There's often no hard evidence one way or an other in cases like this, so it comes down to word against word. For predatory people like that cases such as Cosby are a potential gold mine: Someone else is already is accusing them, so you might as well join in! Let's make him look even worse and increase our collective chances of getting money! Not to mention the whole copycat theory where impressionable people copy others for whatever reasons. If you ask me, the fact that the accusations are suddenly surfacing all together makes them look even less real for the reasons I just mentioned. Thus, innocent until proven guilty.
  15. At a basic level English has a fairly simple sentence structure: Subject-Verb-Object(-How-Where-When). For example, "John drives a car slowly on the street." You should definitely avoid using similes, and metaphors are an absolute no-no unless you're certain the other person is fluent in English. Using simple prepositional phrases should be safe, but again, avoid anything even remotely complicated. An other thing to consider with English is that you should avoid using contractions like "I've", "won't", "they'll" and so on. Not only can they be confusing if the other person isn't familiar with them, but they also make your speech harder to understand. If you've never really listened to any foreign languages yourself then one thing you could try is this: Find foreign TV shows or vlogs or other videos on Youtube and listen to the people talking. Try to pick off words or sentences from casual speech - you should notice that it's not too easy. Instead the foreign speech can turn into an incomprehensible mess where you can't even tell syllables apart. That's how most basic English speakers feel too: It doesn't necessarily matter how good their overall knowledge of English is if they aren't familiar with how it sounds outside of a classroom. It's unfortunate that in most countries foreign TV shows are dubbed, because subbed TV is really a great source for getting a feel for how a language sounds.
  16. Jodwin

    Digital Storm Gaming PCs

    Absolutely not, that basic Vanquish II is garbage for the money. The price/performance -ratio gets a bit better on the more expensive Vanquish builds, but you'd still get a better deal building it yourself.
  17. Back in high school my English teacher said that if we aren't confident enough in our English we should write our essays as if we were communicating with a 3-year-old. So that would be my recommendation as well: If the person you're talking with has only rudimentary English skills, then talk to him with language similar to what you'd use with a small child.
  18. Jodwin

    LucasArts classics sold on GOG now!

    Tie Fighter fuck yeah! Best space flight sim ever, by far.
  19. Jodwin

    A clean analysis ; Gamergate.

    Yeah, no, you don't really get to pull that card just because you've chosen to support a side which holds the moral high ground in your eyes. @Freeze: And how many of those sources provide a neutral point of view instead of repeating and thus reinforcing an already existing narrative? Having ten supposedly reputable sources echoing the same story is no different than having one source, that's how it works in academia as well: You don't copy someone else's work, you do your own individual research which produces its own results that are then reported as-is. So lets see those medias put some actual journalistic effort into their work and maybe they'll be worth a thing as sources. Or do you consider the cited Guardian article, titled "How to attack a woman who works in video gaming" to be worth a damn?
  20. Jodwin

    A clean analysis ; Gamergate.

    To Bucket and co: I like how you tend to blame pro-GG people of confirmation bias with their sources while ignoring the fact that you yourself only use non-neutral anti-GG sources. Could you maybe call that...confirmation bias? ;) There's proof of one sockpuppeted twitter account? THE HORROR. Now how is this one single account supposed to be proof of anything other than whoever created it (which could be either a 100-year old Tibetan monk or a 10-year old girl from Peru for all we know) just wanted to add to the noise. You've got to have more than that to prove anything else in the chaotic mess that is internet.
  21. Jodwin

    A clean analysis ; Gamergate.

    16-years old anti-GG girl doxxes a man and threatens him over twitter. Man ends up talking with the girl on phone and she breaks down after realizing there are real people on the internet.
  22. Conceptually, Hatred seems like a shitty game, but that's not a reason enough for it not to exist. In terms of violence the developers are free to have as much of it going on as they want to - it's our part as potential customers to decide whether we'd want to play what they're making or not. Mechanically, though, it seems like nothing more than a horde mode game where most of the targets are running from you instead of trying to kill you. Horde modes are ridiculously boring as is, and if most of the "enemies" aren't even going to pose a threat in Hatred, it's sounding like the most tedious game ever. Skip. The Doom logo, which itself is the most original thing ever.
  23. Well first of all you could upgrade to IE11, but at the very least you can open IE's developer tools on individual sites by pressing F12 and use the browser mode -dropdown on the top of the tools' window to change back to IE9 mode (as opposed to "IE9 compatibility mode", "IE8" or "IE7"):
  24. You're probably stuck on compatibility mode which breaks lots of sites by forcing IE to pretend that it's IE7.