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  1. I'm sure I heard about the Doom movie or plans for one, it was years ago though. What happened with it?
  2. Kai

    Sexy Death In Doom, (Mpeg)

    Wow your observation of the beatifull exploding barrels and there affect turns me on.
  3. Kai

    Sexy Death In Doom, (Mpeg)

    It still is pretty sweet though.
  4. Kai

    Sexy Death In Doom, (Mpeg)

    Whoops. http://homepage.ntlworld.com/g.mckay7/sexy.mpg
  5. Just click the link cuz this is great and wasn't in pc doom. The best way to start e1m8 imo and why I love 32x and psx doom. homepage.ntlworld.com/g.mckay7/sexy.mpg
  6. Kai

    Alien Vendetta says I suck.

    I got bored and just cheated.
  7. Kai

    Problem with Doom Depot.

    Yeah thats the one thanks.
  8. I downloaded Spawning Vats but Im not sure what wad to use it with. I tryed with Doom 2 it didn't work I tryed it with Doom and put it on the spawning vats level it didn't work. What am I doing wrong?
  9. I think I prefere psx doom because of those nostalgic feelings you get when you play it. Same with 32X Doom. Thing with psx doom that pissed me off was the simplified levels and in the doom 2 episode some levels were completly missing plus the frame rates sucked a huge and im talking HUGE donky size penis that smelled bad and had hairs coming out the end.
  10. I take it PSX levels are use different coding or do they use an improved engine hence the coloured lighting and transparancy?
  11. In a technical sence and what would it take to convert them so they can be ran through zdoom for example?
  12. Kai

    I'm an idiot

    The best midi in any doom game is this one http://www.doomworld.com/music/d_e1m8.mid That theme IS doom. The first time you hear it you know its time your going into the deep end.
  13. my aim and msn is: AIM: RobMcKay2000 MSN: RobMcKay84@hotmail.com I don't have the doom psx cd right now though but ill get ya it.
  14. I was just thinking last night about the doom wads for psx doom. So I took one from the psx doom cd and tryed to run it through zdoom. Obviously it didn't work but I was just wondering what the engine differences are between pc doom and psx doom. Obviously one of them is coloured lighting and transparancy. But what are the unseen differences? Who here knows and what would you have to do in order to run a a psx doom wad on a pc?