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  1. Captainblue

    Weird Doom dreams.

    I can remember two of my Doom-related dreams. In the first, I was playing E2M1, actually playing the game on a computer. I was coming up the the bridge over the lava, but there was a giant, red, tattered curtain hanging between the hallway and the bridge. I went through the curtain, saw a cacodemon and an imp, and fired until I ran out of ammo and was left with my melee weapon - a pair of toothpicks. Seriously. The second, well, I'll just say I woke up in the middle of the night after having it and wouldn't go back to sleep for anything. Basically, it involved me being in a high-ceiling techbase - actually there - that was laid out like a giant maze. This was the real me, at 12-13 years old, completely weaponless, and I could hear the growling from all sorts of monsters, but couldn't see any of them. I took a step, the lights went out, and heard the growling of demons and spectres as they closed in on me from every direction. You see? There's nothing more terrifying than dreaming you're trapped in a bad PWad =P Just wish I'd found it funny back then.
  2. ...actually, I ALMOST beat KDiZD properly. But when I saw that the two monsters at the end that replaced the Barons of Hell took about thirty rockets each to kill, and that they could kill me very quickly, and that almost all of my ammo was gone, I pretty much gave up on beating it this run. So, a an IDDQD, an IDKFA, and some ass kicking later, I finished the game. Two questions: The only commendation I got was "self-sufficient". How do you get this one? I figure you'd pretty much have to, since your guy is the only marine left alive. And... Where the hell is the super-powered rifle i got so much ammo for but never found a trace of?
  3. Captainblue

    Wanting criticism/advice on my mapping

    Another bump to make sure the thread doesn't get too old. The good news is that I'm close to finished with the architecture, having only a few rooms left to finish. The bad news is, I'm having a hard time figuring out exactly what goes next. I'll have the map up for download before too long, though.
  4. Captainblue

    Wanting criticism/advice on my mapping

    http://img410.imageshack.us/img410/7816/doom0006gq9.png Another screenshot for you all, and it's back to work.
  5. Captainblue

    Wanting criticism/advice on my mapping

    Posting this mainly to make sure I don't bump it when it becomes old. I'm still at work on the map, gotten a bit lazy lately but I'm making up for it. I have the labs almost finished. If I had to estimate, I'd say the architecture was about 40% done. Should have a screenshot of the lab area before too long.
  6. Captainblue

    Wanting criticism/advice on my mapping

    The admin area is mostly finished - everything is roughed out, but I still need to add some detail and monsters. In the meantime, have a look at these completed rooms: http://img241.imageshack.us/img241/8011/doom0004ap8.png http://img63.imageshack.us/img63/129/doom0005pe8.png This isn't the very best that I've made - I'm keeping that a secret until the level comes out - but it's definitely some of my better stuff.
  7. Captainblue

    My remote lift isn't working (Wadauthor)

    Ah, okay, thanks. The lift works perfectly now =D
  8. Captainblue

    My remote lift isn't working (Wadauthor)

    Still nothing. As far as I can tell, I'm basically doing what the lift demo did. I made a wad that has only the section of the level containing the lift, could someone have a look at it and tell me the exact problem? http://rapidshare.com/files/51710180/Brokenlift.wad
  9. Captainblue

    My remote lift isn't working (Wadauthor)

    Hmm, I guess I should've mentioned this, but I'd already set the switch to SR (fast) lift. It still gives me the invalid tag message.
  10. I'll try to give a clear picture of what's happening: I have two adjacent hallways: One with heights 8/264 and one with heights 128/222. I'm using a sector connected to them both, 128/222, so the player can get to the hallway with the higher floor. Anyway, I make one nearby section of a wall into a switch, then assign both it and the lift sector a tag of 3. But, the lift doesn't work when I test it, and I get "Linedef X (linedef I used to make the switch) has an invalid tag". Anyone know why this would happen?
  11. Captainblue

    Your most epic maneuvers

    Ever scrape through a level by the skin of your teeth? Ever shotgun a Baron of Hell to death when you were atone hit away from dying? Ever dodge a flurry of imp fireballs to get a medikit that brought you up to 30% health? Share your stories here! I had one just today. I jumped to E2M5 on Ultra-Violence and decided to try it from a pistol start. With a combination of monster infighting, luck with items, and secret areas, I got very close to the end. The problem? I still had to get through a Braon of Hell and a Cacodemon, and I had about 17% health. Worse, I hadn't played the level for awhile, so I didn't know they were there. I open the door, see the Baron, and blaze past him. I'm looking everywhere for a medikit - surprise, there's the Cacodemon waiting for me! I run by and shotgun him, but before I get away he hits me with a lightning ball - knocking me down to 3% health. But then, YES, it's the exit door! And YES, no monsters in the exit room! After I hit the exit switch, I quickly get my ass handed to me in E2M6.
  12. Captainblue

    Best Doom level [in an iwad]?

    My opinions on the episodes: Knee-deep in the Dead: I'm partial to techbases, so I liked this episode a lot. My favorite is probably M5. Shores of Hell: My favorite episode, great way to mix techbase and hell themes. Favorites were M1 and M4. Inferno: This episode wasn't as good as the others, but it still had great maps. Nothing that makes my favorites, though. Thy Flesh Consumed: I never got past the second level because of all the monsters and some switch I missed or something. Doom 2: Map 7 (simple and deadly), Map 10 (good music), Map 23 (It's barrels of fun!)
  13. Captainblue

    Wanting criticism/advice on my mapping

    Thanks, but what texturew would you suggest in STARGR2's place? I personally didn't like STARGR2 that much, but couldn't think of better textures for the Admin Building.
  14. I'll spare the details on my map-in-progress, but here's the basics: It takes place in a mine on Phobos. Does anyone have thoughts/advice on the following areas the level will be composed of: Admin Building: Where all records, job applications, etc. are handled. This will have a high-tech look, but it won't look like the labs or anything. The way I see it, the UAC would want to make this look pretty since it's what most people would see, so it'll be wide open and have a lot of deco. Laboratory: Lab where new mining equipment is designed. It will be much closer fighting than the Admin Building, and be packed with computers and such. Mining Site: The rocky area where mining is done. This will be almost completely natural (which could be tough, since I'm better with man-made structures) and have a lot of tunnels, plus a few elevators (mine lifts). Mine Building: The building where the mining equipment is operated. The building itself will look similar to the early Knee Deep in the Dead levels, and I'll try to make the machinery look good (I've already got plans for pistons and a giant drill). Anyway, I've started work on the admin building. I've got three rooms done, and would like to know what people think about what they see so far. http://img216.imageshack.us/img216/658/doom0000mz0.png In a side hallway. Through the window, you can see the security room where the player starts. http://img245.imageshack.us/img245/391/doom0001ll8.png Same hallway, looking into a large room that will act as a sort of hub for the Admin Building.
  15. I wanted to upload a WAD into ZDoom for screenshot purposes, but the console doesn't recognize commands. I first tried the command to load the WAD file, but it didn't recognize it. After I tried putting in the command a few different ways, I decided to see if other commands would work. I tried -nomusic. Unknown command. -avg. Unknown command. -nomonsters. Unknown command. Could someone explain what's happening or link me to a newer version of ZDoom (mine's pretty outdated).