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  1. Awesome, looks as though this project is nearly complete, can't wait to play the end result.
  2. Denny

    advent calendar?

    I agree, that would be a great idea.
  3. Actually what's the file date on the latest version? Is it October 20th, 2005, 11:55AM because i may have had the updated version this whole time.
  4. You got an alternate download link for the new version? I've been trying all day and it keeps cutting out on me and i get an unfinished download, even with a download manager.
  5. Denny

    Plasma Gun

    Agreed, i like what they did with it in Doom 3 though it's like 20x better.
  6. Denny

    1024 Project?

    Awesome, thanks for all the progress reports I can't wait to try this out.
  7. Denny

    1024 Project?

    I never thought they weren't working on it, just wondering if it was finished or not. Thanks for the help guys.
  8. What ever happened to this project? I don't see the topic anymore and i can't remember the web address (if they had one even), i wonder if they ever finished it. If so, does anyone know where i can get it from?
  9. Denny

    Another Doom Movie!!!

    Sniffing glue in the parking lot :D
  10. Denny

    [Dev] Tormento & Torture 4 : Havoc

    Awesome! The TNT series rocks! And those Meteor's are sick looking. Can't wait to try this out.
  11. Denny

    The best MoD?

    What? It was a alright concept, but he could have added some level to it and still keep that much enemies, it was just too bland and the floor textures (especially in the Cyberdemon room) hurt my eyes. Kind of laggy too. Anyway, Doom 64 TC is a good mod, i also like those Western TC's (Boothill and Fistful of Doom), another one that'sgood is the Aliens TC. Problem with that though is i keep getting stuck on the walls and such. I don't know what's up with that, you almost have to use clipping just to play the levels. There's a ton more, i recommend you go through the 10 years of doom article on this site and the 2004 Cacoawards. You'll find tons of wad's/mod's and TC's that way.
  12. Hello eveyone, i have just a quick question. Were there ever any custom wad's made for the Doom 64 TC? I heard it was a pain to edit, but i figured i'd ask anyway. It's a pretty good mod, i mean Doom64 is more Quakish but it wasn't all that bad. Wasn't classic Doom of course, but it was something different. Anyway, thanks for all your help in advance. :)
  13. Denny

    Wow, the Doom 3 community is great!

    It was on the front page a few days ago... http://www.doom3world.org/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?p=80579#80579 I didn't mean bots are being released all the time, but single player stuff in general. Bad wording on my part.
  14. Denny

    Ideal Features for a Source Port

    ZDoomGL with JDoom's Lighting, Particle and halo effects. Oh can't forget the Corona's.
  15. Denny

    Hollensheads gamspot interview Dooms not done

    I disagree, i find RTCW's multiplayer the best in the buisness, sure the SP kind of sucks, but the multiplayer more than makes up for it. And Quake 3 is a great Deathmatch game, but that's about it. I mean the guns and atmosphere are fine, but CTF and all that just aren't Quake 3 i feel.