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Everything posted by Xenophon

  1. Xenophon

    Dummy sectors how do they work

    Yes, you do tell DB to use the Doom(2) IWAD. This is Doom in Hexen mode, not Hexen in Hexen :P
  2. Xenophon

    Is anyone getting tired of making wads?

    Heh. What Stealthy said.
  3. Xenophon

    Multiple sector tags?

  4. Oh yay, I just love that "blank space" gun, I want to use it!!!!1 These are quite good, apart from the ones that are just mergings of existing pickup graphics or alterations of existing ones *cough BFChaingun cough*
  5. Xenophon

    Join Team Visplane Overflow!

    Action Doom has great cars. DAMN YOU BLACKFISH
  6. Xenophon

    Quick question [turning my computer back a day]

    Any website blocker which prevents you from accessing a website which you are supposed to design for coursework is a retarded one.
  7. Xenophon

    Ideal Features for a Source Port

    ZDoom with fully customisable weapons is all I ask for.
  8. Xenophon

    revenant and baron slow-dancing

    *resists urge to upload revenant/baronse image*
  9. Xenophon

    Join Team Visplane Overflow!

    I can map and do basic ACS. I'd be glad to join.
  10. Xenophon

    revenant and baron slow-dancing

    Neither can I.
  11. Xenophon

    My wad is done

    Yeah, try not to put invuln spheres next to bosses next time okay? :P
  12. Xenophon

    My wad is done

    Stealth revenants are more annoying than stealth arch-viles IMO. I say you should only use stealth monsters in general very rarely and only on UV. Never use more than two stealth arch-viles or revenants at the same time, and if you're going to put a computer area map in your level, make all walls inside secret rooms have the "Hidden" flag set, else they become too easy to find and make the level easier than it already is.
  13. Xenophon

    My wad is done

    This is great, but it needs less ammo and less stealth revenants.
  14. Xenophon

    [KDiZD] Official Trailer Released

    sigh, guess I'll just have to pretend the SSG isn't there if I want a challenge then :(
  15. Xenophon

    [KDiZD] Official Trailer Released

    OMFG SSG!!1!one *finishes kdizd without taking damage* I don't really need to say much more.
  16. Xenophon

    the best UT video ever

    700 mb? No thanks.
  17. Xenophon

    Things in wads that do the rounds...

    The "OMG REVENANTS!!!1ONE" trap.
  18. Xenophon

    Bagel Bites

    M-M-MONSTER OWN! *average IQ of forum skyrockets* ...oh right. Back on topic; yes, bagel bites are great, finally got to try them. I prefer the pepperoni ones.
  19. Xenophon

    My wad is done

    Nevermind, it works now. EDIT: ...although the zip gives a page cannot be displayed error :S
  20. Xenophon

    My wad is done

  21. Xenophon

    Holy crap! Metal Slug Doom?!?

    I wonder if anyone will ever try to do Action Doom in 2D (horizontal)? That would rock.
  22. Xenophon

    New project666 pics...

    And here are some screens from MAP06: BLACK ATTACK! BTW Stealthy does map06 still not work when combined with your wad?
  23. Xenophon

    Doom Purity Test

    And how am I not pure for not being banned from the DW forums and for using DoomBuilder?