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Everything posted by Xenophon

  1. Xenophon

    What was that level...

    Gotta love that idgames search!
  2. Xenophon

    Doom Mods

  3. Xenophon

    When's KDIZD out?

    KZIKD is dead. ...hopefully. :P
  4. Xenophon

    RoE cvar fun

    Because pressing R again will disable it?
  5. Has anyone else noticed that the stained glass window they stole from Hexen still has the bloodscourge image on it?
  6. Xenophon

    Source Ports for Multiplayer Doom

    Skulltag, due to its new maps, game modes, powerups, runes, monsters, very powerful bots... you get the idea.
  7. Xenophon

    Problems with DoomBuilder

    Maybe you haven't told Doombuilder what IWAD to use? Go to Tools > Configuration, click the files tab, find what engine you're working with, click on its name and click on browse, then find the Doom/Doom2 iwad. This should be what the problem is if you can't change textures on new maps, but can on Entryway.
  8. Xenophon

    My Doom 2D Projects...

    I liked Doom 2D, although as you said the AI is a bit meh. Oh, and Doom 2's rapid fire monsters + inability to strafe = NO.
  9. Xenophon

    New Sreen shots

    Seems like you added a mistake rather than killed removed it.
  10. Xenophon


    Have you tried turning the music volume up?
  11. Xenophon

    question --light efx using DB

    Firstly, you were sent to purgatory for admitting to downloading a warez copy of the game, not for asking some question :P Secondly, using a H Sector Colour line in a dummy sector won't work since it is activated by whatever means you choose below the action in the window... scripts are the best way to go here.
  12. Xenophon

    I'm having some probs with the DW main page...

    Nor is there an image of the earth, and the main page seems to work for me.
  13. Xenophon

    What a good level/map needs?

    LMFAO 3) Cyberdemons no, spider masterminds yes, since it's nearly impossible to not get them to fight each other. Monster infights can be great fun, but considering how much space a spider mastermind uses, you'd be best having either one in a room or none. Having several of the second-strongest monsters in the game invetiably fighting each other totally removes the point of them being there. 4) Levels don't HAVE to be dark. Some people like dark levels but some people like bright levels, try to get a good mixture and possibly even darken/brighten the level depending on how far you are, like in KS map08. 6) Shells IMO, but cells and rockets in HR-styled maps.
  14. Xenophon

    Strange Plutonia Demo

    hmm... maybe he was -turbo 250 or something, and exited before the game could say "Player is turbo!"? Whenever I go turbo on anything (which is like never) it takes about 10 seconds for the game to say I'm on turbo. Dunno about the x-axis thing though.
  15. Xenophon

    Anymore Modding Teams?

    Uh, yeah... that's, er, interesting. *deletes JWIP*
  16. Xenophon

    JonoF's Shadow Warrior port

    I hope so YAY BLOOD! I loved that game and hopefully I will again :P
  17. Xenophon

    [new project]download The Spartan Battlefields demo here:

    Since this is for zdoom, the only thing you can do at the moment is adjust the offsets of the plasma sprites so that they are slightly more to the right, although it's kind of tacky. When zdoom has custom weapons support, making missiles fire at a certain angle will be easy.
  18. Xenophon

    Need Sword Sprite

    And for one of the stronger weapons, the Quietus from Hexen would work well and looks like your usual "ultimate weapon" kind of sword even without the green plasma stuff on it.
  19. Heh, this lead me to ask: why can't the marine hold a pistol and a flashlight at the same time? What does he do with his other hand when not reloading, or holding a bigger weapon?
  20. Xenophon

    In which XWE royally fucks my files the fuck up

    Yeah, I like how XWE generates a backup like every time I do the slightest unnoticable thing so that I can't restore the wad if something goes wrong (which hasn't happened to me yet).
  21. Xenophon


    Screw finding mockery wads, just use SLIGE to make some.
  22. No need for screenshots, the /newstuff reviewers take them themselves when they play the wads.
  23. Sorry for asking, but could I have map24 instead and leave map19 to someone else? I don't think I'll have to change after this. :P BTW, where can I get a FreeDOOM wad with all or most of the resources? It's going to be hard to tell how my level will look in FreeDOOM itself if I can see Doom imps etc., and latest.wad only has the textures, the chaingun and torches.
  24. Xenophon

    What these weapons would look like?

    The BFG 2704 was actually a weapon that sprayed green and red plasma everywhere like nobody's business, and since the missiles were randomly picked IIRC and were fired in a spread and not just all in a straight line, it's difficult to code with any port; however, some ports, like MBF, have an option to enable this "classic BFG".
  25. Xenophon

    [new project]download The Spartan Battlefields demo here:

    Who the hell holds an entire bazooka out in front of them and with only one hand? :P