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Everything posted by Xenophon

  1. Xenophon

    The poop is dead.

    Oh no it's true!!1
  2. Xenophon

    Use of MP3

    Heh, ok, just expect some retarded response about Doom's age and/or OMG GO PLAY CS NOOB and/or how vanilla can't play MP3 (and yes, I do know some ports can)... People have to understand that Doom is not dead :P
  3. Xenophon

    God Mode

    I only use it if I end up saving just before I die, or in combination with noclip/fly when checking my map for bugs that aren't visible in DB.
  4. Xenophon

    Favorite Weapon

    SSG does the job for me.
  5. Xenophon

    Doom Builder map editor version 1.66 released!

    Bug: The preview image for the tall green torch isn't showing up as it tries to show the TGRE sprite when the actual torch sprite is TGRN. We can all live without it, but since you want feedback, then what the hell.
  6. Xenophon

    Doom Builder map editor version 1.66 released!

    How about adding an A to the beginning of each texture's name?
  7. Xenophon

    Need Tips for New Weapons!!!

    bah, I meant a DM one that would launch collectable chainsaws at your opponent forcing him to switch weapons :P
  8. Xenophon

    Doom3 in Doom2?

    Argh Notepad? XWE makes the job a lot easier :P And I believe he meant just d3d2_25c.
  9. Xenophon

    weapons :(

    You can't make weapons in XWE, but you can import new weapon sprites with it. If you want to make new weapons as in code them, use Edge DDF, Dehacked or Zdoom Decorate weapons (when its next version is released).
  10. Xenophon

    Ping Problem

    PROTIP: Never turn your sarcasm detector off. edit: damnit lizard.
  11. Xenophon

    Ping Problem

    Go to the options, you'll find the option "Lower Ping" somewhere, I think it's just below "Automatically aim at enemies" and above "Camp near big stashes of health"
  12. Xenophon

    Zarkyb Presents: Doom 2

    Wow, your votes are based on whether the author has made a sequel to another wad or not? Lame. BTW, that link goes to a blank page.
  13. Xenophon

    Making a Grenade Launcher and few questions

    for 1: Reduce the mass of the grenade. for 2: this can easily be done with ZDoom's DECORATE and SNDINFO or Edge's DDF, if you're not using either of those then I don't know how, sorry.
  14. Xenophon

    Need Tips for New Weapons!!!

    Chainsaw launcher please.
  15. Xenophon

    ACS Compiler

    Line 18 in file "script.acs" ... script.acs:18: Function light_stop is used but not defined. The ACS compiler did not compile your script.
  16. Xenophon

    The /newstuff Chronicles #226

    This week sucked.
  17. Xenophon

    Post pictures of yourself

    Babelfish owns.
  18. Xenophon

    Lost Soul model

    Lol, paintbrush gun! Seriously though, this is impressive.
  19. Xenophon

    Weapons In Progress (practice yer skills)

    Kind of reminds me of the Quake shotgun. I got bored and decided to create this hunk of junk from random Doom weapons. I suck. Now who can tell me what three weapons are jumbled up here?
  20. Xenophon

    My own custom monster

    150? I wouldn't call that "too strong", but it does stop rockets from gibbing him. Unaltered rockets do 20-160 damage along with 128 splash damage, and direct BFG shots do 100-800 damage.
  21. Xenophon

    My own custom monster

    It probably only splatters with the BFG because of its health. Monsters only splatter if they take an amount of damage that is some amount more than their max health.
  22. Xenophon

    Yearly Mordeth Update

    Oh shit it's Mordeth! Um... Get back to work. Now! :)
  23. Xenophon

    Need Tips for New Weapons!!!

    We're not giving this thread BS. We're trying to help you. Divine Intervention had some weird stuff in it, like the flaming guitar and voodoo doll, and stuff like that is what made it such an amazing mod, so I don't see why you can't use anything abnormal for a weapon either. I had a great idea for that medieval megawad thing, but the idea would probably get shrugged off as "BS" anyway, and besides, I'm working on a medieval megawad too.
  24. Xenophon

    [KDiZD] Advertisement Hype álá Action Doom

    Is this what you had in mind?