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  1. Diablo 2:

    Pretty much everything that Anomaly said.

    Subspace (MG):

    People that attack (not flag) with... scouts. The true mark of a lagger that thinks he's a pro when he takes down a Juggernaut after taking 0 damage from several rockets.

    The "bouncer" ship; used for firing bouncing bombs blindly, hoping they hit something. No skill required, whatsoever.

    People that repeatedly re-enter the zone after being forced into spectator mode for extreme lag. You'd think they would get the message after a while.

    The ridiculously high lag limits.

    People that fire thousands of rockets into your base through the "scout holes" at the north/south. Cue a load of spawnkilling.

  2. chaoscorp said:

    I think you´ll need so much. Truely---> They are more than 999 Shells(And you will need them ). You need them for the minigun.

    Miniguns use shells?

    And why would you need more than 999? It doesn't exactly look like there are going to be many enemies. All I see at the moment is a flurry of trees placed everywhere to draw peoples' attention from the crate-textured beach and really high gate amongst other things.

  3. chaoscorp said:


    You are an special agent your mission is to eliminate a really bad guy. In the story, you go through 3 landscapes :
    Desert , Jungle and Hell (or Space).

    What kind of storywriting is this? You'd be better off making a bog-standard Doom(2) megawad about just killing demons.

    chaoscorp said:

    -"Shotgun" ("Duke Nukem Shotgun" and replaces the "Doom Shotgun")
    -UZI (Pistol but with a fast fire)
    -Rocket Launcher (ROTT sprites)

    Hello, and welcome to Overused Sprites.

    chaoscorp said:

    Don´t know jet: Help

    ...oh, you mean jack. I don't see why you'd need to censor that on a forum like this.

    chaoscorp said:

    ehmm..... i want people to join me and i have just only an idea. I think you have to get a better "connection".

    This forum is for people that want to work with me in that fu+++ng mod.

    I sense a "chaoscorp Moderated World" coming along soon...

    P.S: needs even more newproject tags :P

    P.P.S: go back to Zangstydramaqueens.org. PLEASE!

  4. The damage isn't a Zdoom-specific problem (it's been like that in every Wolfendoom episode which had rats) and is quite likely intentional (although stupid - just like the "machinegun" being a sped-up shotgun). The knife issue may be Zdoom-related though, since you can walk over monsters in Zdoom but not in Boom.