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  1. Not that I know of, every port and WAD editor that I know of doesn't allow images greater than 256 colours. You could make a new Doom pallete, but the appearance of the level is much more important than the titlepic so I don't recommend it..

  2. I'd like to help out. Yes, I know I haven't released any maps for anything so far, you don't have to tell me that :P just let me design a map for the project, I'll give you some screens of it when it's done and then you can tell me if I'm good enough for the project or not, OK?

  3. I just played it again, it's improving but it also has 2 new problems:

    -Scrolling computer screens are :S
    -A UV demon is stuck inside one of the opening walls before the big arrow, the opening wall needs to be widened

  4. I'm talking about the wall that opens when you shoot a yellow light that's embedded in a wall - a secret that contains an imp, a box of shells and riot armour, and the moat in the outdoor area past the big arrow. Sorry, no screenshots because I don't know any good hosts.

  5. There are still a few problems, but maybe I'm just picky:

    - Nukage moat beyond the giant arrow doesn't hurt you, so if you run into it, you're stuck, and that's BEFORE you hit the switch.
    - Most of the large rooms are empty except for a small bit of detail; add some pillars, pools, ammo, monsters, anything to make these areas seem less boring.
    - Nonexistant difficulty; enemies are too spaced apart, making the chainsaw about as effective as a plasma rifle.
    - The marble/GSTONE wall past the moat that opens into the sky just feels wrong to me.