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Posts posted by Xenophon

  1. Are these the original sounds from Doom, just sampled at their original, higher quality?

    No, these aren't the original sounds from Doom. They're very different and the only ones that sound similar to the PC version are the SSG reloading sounds (which were already sampled at 22050 khz anyway).

    And yes, it is quite possible that these new sounds were added in the console versions to take advantage of high-fidelty audio capabilities.

  2. Name: L86A1 SA-80 Light Support Weapon
    Image link: here and here
    Special Requests:
    * Angled (heh)
    * Doomguy hand(s)
    * No muzzle fire
    * 1 pick up sprite
    * 1 idle sprite, and one kickback sprite (similar to the stock plasma rifle)
    * See the light-grey areas on that greyscale image? I'd like them to be low-sat dirty green on the actual gun instead. :P

    Thank you.