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Posts posted by Xenophon

  1. Well first, um, try to make your maps abit more difficult. I had more problems completing E1M1 on ITYTD than I did in this map on NM.

    Your map definitely needs more detail. I don't mean go and add 1000 sectors to each room, but please, at least use more than 2 sectors and one colour per room. This looks like something out of 1994 (although skulltag never existed back then) and terminator667 would probably die if he saw it.

    And gameplay... well... nuff said.

  2. This is a joke right?

    I start with loads of BFG10000's in front of me, enter a teleporter and find myself in a huge room with only blood textures and cacos, cybers and a bossbrain that is remarkably easy to beat.

    I don't even know where to start on how to improve it.

  3. This is a pretty interesting find. I just tried it and I'm amazed I never noticed it before, and what's more I don't know how it took almost 12 years for this to be discovered. :P

  4. What port is this for?

    For Zdoom I believe it's possible to use ThrustThing (or a script which temporarily boosts the player's speed property through SetPlayerProperty) for speed pads, and ThrustThingZ bound to an "Actor hits floor" object for jump pads.

  5. Doom in Hexen format, it allows for a lot of extra features and the ability to use scripts in levels.

    Mage, Fighter, Cleric should be left alone since it's a Doom level and not a Hexen one.

    AFAIK slopes are possible in Doom in Doom format but not with linedef acton 181...

  6. Not very difficult. Use the unused "dead lost soul" and give the boss's sprites the same four letter identity as any of the existing sprites (FATBxxxx for example). Use the frames for the SS soldier, but with different codepointers and graphics. (AFAIK they exist in Ultimate Doom, but aren't used because SS soldiers can't be placed down and the frames aren't in the wad file) Creating a unique attack for the boss is a different matter.