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  1. Heh, ok, just expect some retarded response about Doom's age and/or OMG GO PLAY CS NOOB and/or how vanilla can't play MP3 (and yes, I do know some ports can)...

    People have to understand that Doom is not dead :P

  2. You can't make weapons in XWE, but you can import new weapon sprites with it. If you want to make new weapons as in code them, use Edge DDF, Dehacked or Zdoom Decorate weapons (when its next version is released).

  3. Error decoding translated text.
    We're sorry we've encountered an error with your request.
    If you think this is a bug we should know about send us e-mail and let us know the following:

    * What browser you were using.
    * The operating system you are on.
    * The type of translation you were trying when this error occurred.

    The error encountered is: 157

    Babelfish owns.

  4. We're not giving this thread BS. We're trying to help you. Divine Intervention had some weird stuff in it, like the flaming guitar and voodoo doll, and stuff like that is what made it such an amazing mod, so I don't see why you can't use anything abnormal for a weapon either. I had a great idea for that medieval megawad thing, but the idea would probably get shrugged off as "BS" anyway, and besides, I'm working on a medieval megawad too.