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  1. Nostra

    where do I upload levels?

    I build a Doom level for the first time. Where can I upload it to a public server? I'm not ordinarily into building levels for games, but I was puttering around with the cool Doom editor and I created something that I thought would be interesting to present to the public.
  2. Nostra

    favorite Doom song

    I like best the song from Doom 1 level 2. Even though this song fits well as background music for Doom, it reminds me more of a 1960's style surf music. Yes, the kind of music surfers on the big Pacific waves would listen to.
  3. Nostra

    what if I use modified exe?

    During deathmatch if I could display just one word I'd press a hotkey and the word that pops up to the other players is "cheater!". haha
  4. Nostra

    what if I use modified exe?

    Yes, that would be cheating. I've seen players there with souped up weapons and other odd characteristics that made it hard to shoot at them. It's too bad there isn't a better way to moderate the games, like by preventing sharing of altered Doom execute files.
  5. Nostra

    what if I use modified exe?

    Being that I'm new to deathmatch, what would happen if I use a Doom execute file in deathmatch that's been modified by dehacked? How would it effect the other players?
  6. Nostra

    How do I gain fragpoints?

    Thanks for the advice Fodders. That was easy. I should have seen the space bar would restart the game, after I was pressing a bunch of keys and key combinations trying to restart the game and I couldn't. It's funny, how could I have missed the space bar. I suppose I wouldn't make a very good detective.
  7. Nostra

    How do I gain fragpoints?

    I'm playing deathmatch for the first time and I have a question. When I die I don't return to the game and I have to quit and restart the game and lose my fragpoints. How do I reenter the game and keep my fragpoints?
  8. Nostra

    help. can't connect

    I can't connect to the master server. Are there any other servers available to use besides the master server? And what would their address be?
  9. Nostra

    How do I get on deathmatch?

    I've been trying to get on network deathmatch and I still don't understand how to get on. If I choose a level to play in deathmatch what are the chances someone else will have the same level? And how long do I have to wait online before someone answers? I keep dialing in and no one answers.
  10. Nostra

    Elevator Switch problem

    The sector the switch is in has to be the same height as the texture so that if the texture is 128 pixels tall then the ceiling has to be 128 pixels tall. Although I have seen levels with different lower texture from the upper texture lined up on the same wall I could never understand how that is done. But the method I gave you is common way to do it.
  11. Nostra

    How do I upload?

    I made a Doom level I want to upload to the archive. This is my first level and I don't know where or how to upload it. Can someone give me advice?