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  1. Combine

    But the Pope's Husband is Opposed!

    who cares about the PoPe? and btw isnt there a member called the Pope??
  2. Combine

    Doom 3. scary?

    boohoo i like Doom, but they make quake now and its the same thing ,sorta ;)
  3. Combine

    Photoshop 7 problems

    why dont you ask Zodiak :D
  4. Combine

    Things people do for a cheeseburger

    give the woman her hamburger!
  5. Combine

    School shooting

    here in sweden i saw small 10 line article about this... i guess everyone else is getting pretty used to that american students shoot eachother..
  6. Combine

    Doom 3. scary?

    Scariest game ever: Silent Hill 4
  7. Combine

    Icon of Doom 3

    of course! why dident i think of that :p
  8. Combine

    When you had to live in a doom level......

    :O wolfenstein is mine muhahahaha...
  9. Combine

    Lord of the Rings musical

    i think im gonna puke
  10. Combine

    Doom 3. scary?

    useually you dont play a horror game if you dont want to be scared...
  11. Combine

    Teen horror writer arrested as terrorist

    what does it mean? :)
  12. Combine

    Liver Failure Enthusiasts, Vote!

    vodka mixed with re bull mmm
  13. Combine

    Lord of the Rings musical

    is this seroius?