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  1. tourettes

    So where does it rank on your list of DOOM ?

    Doom 2 Final Doom Doom 1 Doom 64 Doom 3 Doom 2016 The new one is okay, but it just doesn't feel like a Doom game to me.
  2. tourettes

    Help me understand why people compare this to COD

    We are going to have a classic deathmatch mode with out loadouts and every gun on the map right??
  3. tourettes


    Anything come of this project?
  4. tourettes

    John Romero makes first new Doom map in 21 years

    Had a really fun time playing this yesterday. It was all over zdaemon, people really seemed to be having a blast.
  5. I like this idea. If I had a clearer picture of what the maps looked like, I would start on something.
  6. tourettes

    Where's the pistol?

    This game is going to have to be heavily modded to feel anything like a Doom game.
  7. tourettes

    Doom Alpha chat brinksmanship thread

    That is not good!
  8. tourettes

    Doom Alpha chat brinksmanship thread

    What does this mean? Strafe run or no strafe run? Graphics aside, does this feel like Doom 1/2 at all?
  9. tourettes

    Doom Alpha chat brinksmanship thread

    Can you set up your own matches? Can you turn off the Demon power upgrade? Can you strafe-run?
  10. tourettes

    DOOM Multiplayer Video

    Are there going to be Dmflags? Am I going to be able to set up a server to NOT have quad damage or the demon transformation upgrade?
  11. Are their maps even going to matter? This is Doom, we will be making and playing each others maps.
  12. tourettes

    Um, Doom 4 is old now... DOOM is coming out...

    Doom 1993 Doom II 1994 Final Doom (Doom III) 1996 Doom 64 (Doom IV) 1997 Doom 3 (Doom V) 2004 Doom [4] (Doom VI) Tentatively 2016 This is what I get out of it all.
  13. tourettes

    How about the Q3 Doomguy?

    You can learn to live without an arm or a leg, but you can't learn to live with out a package.
  14. tourettes

    PC will not receive additional modding tools beyond SnapMap

    I don't get it, they are trying to sell Doom 4 as living up to the roots of Doom from 1993, but they give us an editor that is a joke. The original Doom was all about modding the entire game, YOU CAN'T with snapmap.
  15. I would imagine Snapmap will all you to upload your own textures, so uploading HD remakes should be possible, no?
  16. tourettes

    I'm so grateful

    SAME! I am super psyched to be able to play mulitplayer on my ps3 with DOOM. I've had all the Doom's on PC for years and also have it on PS1, having it on PS3 is the peak of completion.
  17. tourettes

    Are the iwads in Doom 3: BFG Edition Modified?

    I only have the PS3 version of BFG edition so I am curious to how how the PC versions of doom 1 and doom 2 run out of it. will zdaemon patching their iwad files subsecquently lock them out of BFG edition, or does BFG edition allow you to play patched iwad files? If so, an easy fix could be to simply just switch the BFG iwad files out with 1.9 versions(the classic version, yes?) thus keeping the nazi symbols intact. Next obstacle will be to patch the PS3 and possibly Xbox 360 versions, as they right over the XBL versions of doom if you save bfg edition to your hard drive. That isn't the zdaemon team's problem, but in general it would be nice for the community in general.
  18. tourettes

    Are the iwads in Doom 3: BFG Edition Modified?

    The Great Dictator would be proud. :D I don't see the reason for them to cop out like this unless it was Bethesda's call. ID has been fighting this fight with Germany since 1992. You can still buy and download Wolf3D of PSN completely uncut, with Nazi propaganda in EVERY level. Why the need to censor three levels in a Doom game?
  19. tourettes

    Are the iwads in Doom 3: BFG Edition Modified?

    the doom 1 and 2 is broken. what you get in the bfg edition is not what was released 20 years ago.
  20. tourettes

    Are the iwads in Doom 3: BFG Edition Modified?

    i have the bfg edition on ps3, they seriously need to patch it so that you can change your controler sensitivity in doom 1 and doom 2, and also to be able to see your frag score and who is in the game with you on mulitplayer doom 1 and doom 2. if they went through the trouble to port these games to the id tech 5 engine, and give it some 21st century updates, why not base it on something like zdademon or zdoom? Or at least model the functionality of it after the mentioned. I don't like the censoreship, if we scream loud enough maybe an optional patch can be issued? Like someone said there is team damage issue, things do need to be addressed.
  21. tourettes

    Trailer Park Boys project

    I want to make a Trailer Park Boys map. I map based on Sunnyvale. I figure it would double as deathmatch and coopertive map. Misc. Goals - Player skins based on Ricky, Julian, Bubbles, Mr.Lahey, Randy, Cory, Trevor, Ray, J Roc and T. - A few trailers you can go in, as well as bubbles shed - Sound effects and samples from the show - The themesong as music Deathmatch. goals - Guns based on the ones used in the show - Piss jugs Coopertive. goals - enemies Mr. Lahey, Randy, Cryus, Cops - have the cyberdemon be mr.lahey driving around in his car throwing piss jugs - somehow have the bottle kids I can do the mapping, I can do the sounds and I can probably do the guns, but I totally need help with the character sprites. Does what I have planned sound good?
  22. tourettes

    Trailer Park Boys project

    i simply wanted to make a TPB's deathmatch map that would double as a simple internet toking spot.... i guess i can make this a GTA style wad....
  23. tourettes

    Trailer Park Boys project

    I in vision this map as being much more of a hang out wad. The death matching would be the most fun, but its Trailer Park Boys, so why wouldn't you not to be able to hang as well. Wouldn't have to be clones. - 1 Lahey - 1 Randy - 1 Cyrus - 1 Sam - * Cops Make them all very strong. Save Lahey driving drunk throwing piss jugs for last. What I could do is make this wad more of just a skin/texture focused, and have the sunnyvale map just for testing.
  24. tourettes

    First WAD you have ever played?

    Had to be something off Final Doom. When I found out about zdaemon, I think it was Toke's omgmaps.