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  1. Thanks for the kind words Hisymak, I appreciate it :)



    Fair enough :)

    The track swap was merely a suggestion and I certainly won't complain if the current setup is kept... was just mentioning the map30 thing because I didn't expect it I guess.





  2. Stumbled upon this thread by accident a week ago... didn't know this project exists until then!
    I'm really grateful to see all those talented composers dedicating their time and creativeness to an old-ass megawad like this, a big thanks to all of you :D
    I took my time to listen to all of the contributions during the last week and the overall quality of this new soundtrack is just outstanding. It kinda makes me fear the few original tracks I did for this horribly pale in comparison and will stick out like a sore thumb.

    Although I'm kinda proud of at least some bits and pieces of those tracks, I know that they are far from professionaly crafted :P


    Anyway, I'd like to share a few thoughts on each track... I took notes while listening to them, but some of those are kinda cryptic and/or short and I don't have the time to listen to all of them again ATM, so forgive me that my comments on those are all a bit sketchy.


    Intro - pretty nice
    Map01 - awesome track, it's a shame the map is so short that anyone playing propably won't hear it all
    Inter   - nice metal-like track, although for me it gives the impression that the mapset is going to be slaughterish... but it isn't :P
    Map02 - kinda feels unsettling and a bit happy at the same time... really unique approach, I love it
    Map04 - my notes read "awesomenessss!" And it is... love the mix between guitar and more calm parts (don't know what instrument that is) plus the change of pace about half-way through. Nice drums too!
    Map05 - not my cup of tea TBH. The track is definitely well done, but I get a bit of a MegaMan vibe from it and IMO a more moody track would have been more appropiate for this map
    Map06 - perfect match for this map, but the same what I said about Map01 applies here... of course that is definitely not the composers fault Especially love the parts about 2/3 into the song... reminds me of the spaceship levels in Turrican2 on the C64... one of my favorite games ever
    Read   - Eargasm :D
    Map07 - good metal-ish stuff here, great bass line and the guitar solo rocks
    Map08 - great, don't know what else to say
    Map09 - nice one, fits the map pretty well... could also work very well for an egypt or temple like map
    Map11 - kinda relaxing but fits
    Map13 - suits a city map really well, good stuff
    Map14 - another track that would fit an egypt/temple map, but doesn't work that well in this case IMO. The song is really nice, however the map would be better off with a more dark and moody track I think
    Map31 - Epic! Definitely one of my favorite tracks from this project :D
    Map16 - Good but same as Map14... a more dark/moody track would be more fitting for this map. Might be just me though, because this one is actually build around a nightmare I had back then :P Also does have a Duke3d vibe to it IMO, wich is a good thing, but yeah doesn't really fit with what I had in mind :P
    Map17 - Like it a lot! Reminds me of Geometry wich Jimmy made for "Theory of broken circles" (BTSX E2M15):D
    Map18 - Nice moody track
    Map19 - Kinda feels a bit Jazz-like wich isn't a music style I'm into, but still good
    Map20 - I love this one, matches the map quite perfectly. My only complaint is that the silence at the end of the track is a bit too long, so the looping doesn't work that well. Or is there something I'm missing? I'm usually using Microsoft GS Wavetable synth as midi device, so maybe it sounds different with another setup (I don't know shit about this stuff TBH :P)
    Map21 - as the Map06 track this one gives me kind of a MegaMan vibe, but it fits better this time... maybe it gives the impression the map is harder than it actually is, but anyway nice stuff!
    Map22 - like in the Map04 track there is a very nice mix of more calm sections and heavier guitar dominated parts. Good one!
    Map23 - heh in the notes I took down it just reads; "Headbanging :)". That's a good thing I guess :D
    Map24 - has a Heretic flair to it and feels kinda otherworldly to me. I really like that and it even greatly enhances the atmosphere of the whole  map
    Map25 - great one, I love it! Don't know if it fits the map that well, but honestly I don't care because the track is awesome XD
    Map26 - metal-ish one here and also very nice and atmospheric. I really like the intro with just drums and the bass kicking in a bit afterwards
    Map27 - another nice metal-ish one... don't know if this was done on purpose, but at the time when the track gets calmer for the first time, there're some higher pitched sounds in the background that remind me a lot of my own track for Map15 :) I also adore your talent for making e-guitars not sound shabby in midi format (that goes for all of the tracks using guitars, not just this one!), that's something I never quite got right in my short period of midi composing I guess :P
    Map28 - lovely! Really atmospheric and a perfect match. I love the build-up in this one... could also work really well in a Heretic map
    Map29 - like in Map14 and 16, I do have the feeling it doesn't fit this map all that well TBH. The track is really nice, no doubt about that, but for the penultimate map I propably would have wished for something more dark/sinister. It sounds even a little bit happy and would work better for an 'exploration-in-overrun-grassy-fields' like map or something like that IMHO :P
    Map30 - Well, very nice and atmospheric track and fits nicely for a last map, however I wonder why the original track I made for this one was replaced TBH. My stuff is definitely inferior to all of this, but the one I made for this map is actually the one I'm most proud of. Sure it does have its flaws, but I still like it! I'd suggest to keep this song, but put it in the Map29 slot and replace the Map15 music (wich is propably my worst creation) with the Map29 track instead ;)


    Once again, I'm more than happy to see this has been done! Thank you all for your time and dedication, I definitely appreciate it :)


  3. MetroidJunkie said:

    Speaking of hands, the Mastermind is like the T-Rex of Doom monsters.


    Those stubby little hands that don't do anything.

    If you take a closer look at the individual sprites, you'll notice that it actually uses its hands to pull little triggers on the sides to activate the chaingun. It's really subtle and hard to see in the low resolution of the sprites, but it's there!!!

    Ok... I stop being a smartass now :P

  4. No, this is not meant to be a religious discussion :P

    I'm pretty sure most of you already heard about the infamous "swingshot-theory", and I've got to admit that although it has been proven to be wrong (I think one of the threads discussing this issue even showed that in a direct comparison between killing demons with two "normal" shotgun blasts versus two swing-shots didn't show a significant difference in terms of damage being dealt), I still believe that "swing-shots" do have an effect!
    Likewise, there're three other "doom-theories" that I believe in, but are propably equally unfounded (not sure if any of those have been discussed before though):

    -increasing pain-chance;
    I've been playing Doom(2) for 20 years now and after all this time I think I noticed that monsters are more likely to enter their pain-state the closer to death they are.
    Most notably the Cyberdemon. When fighting a Cybie with a SSG (wich I rarely do because it's boring), I seem to be able to interrupt its attack-sequence more frequently the closer to death it is. The last couple of shots (3 or 4) always seem to take it into pain-state.

    -lazy monsters;
    When playing, I always try to inflict as much infighting as possible (sometimes I try so hard that I die as a result :P), but I just can't get past trying when a setup theoretically allows for it. However, it seems to me that everytime I try to make enemies fight each other, the monsters behind another enemy just refuse to shoot most of the time, as if they are aware that they would hit a friend.
    For example; I lure a bunch of HK's in front of a Mancubus, but once the nobles are in front of the Manc, it has a hard time attacking me as it seems. But when I eventually die trying to cause infighting and restart the scenario with the intention to just shoot the crap out of the monsters without caring about infights, the Manc would fire at me like there's no tomorrow!
    This happens way too frequently to me to call it just a coincidence.

    -evading projectiles;
    This one is propably the most weird of the three, but I believe that trying to evade projectiles (even though they hit you) reduces the damage taken. I've noticed it numerous times while playing that an enemy projectile seems to deal much more damage if you run straight into it (because you try to evade some other attack for example), than a missile that barely hits you because you're trying to get away from it.
    I know about the random damage calculator and it might just be bad luck on my side, but on the other hand I've played way too much Doom to ignore this, as it seems to happen quite frequently (same goes for the other points I made).

    So yeah, I'm pretty sure none of those points are really true and there's propably nothing in the code that would confirm those theories, but still, I believe in those things and even my style of playing is influenced by those things to a certain degree.
    I know it's mostly my weird brain, but do any of you have similar theories that you believe in, even though they appear to be nonsense?

  5. Even though not everyone got through BTSXE2 just now, I' d like to thank all of you for their feedback and dedication involved here. For me it has been a good source to gather ideas (especially from the FDA's provided) how to improve my maps and I'll make sure to work on them accordingly!
    Concerning map14;
    It seems that lot of people like this map and I just feel the need to clarify that most of the credit belongs to Mechadon!
    Dew pretty much summed it up already, but anyway:
    When I got the map from Mek, layout and gameplay was already done mostly but the map was pretty much mono-textured. My job was to settle on a texture theme and to add more details. After I've been done, mek did even more texture and especially lighting improvements. He did all the bug-fixing, a lot more layout optimizing and other stuff that makes the map what it is now too!
    Especially the various textures with windows in them were a late (but very effective) addition to the map by him.
    So yeah, my contribution on this map is pretty small and as I said above; Mechadon deserves 99% of the praise it got!

  6. Propably old news for most of you, but I just learned that deaf/ambush flagged monsters still need to be woke up by a sound to actually ambush the player.
    That means that any deaf monster will remain dormant even if you break all hell lose right behind them, as long as two sound blocking lines are between it and the player.
    I always assumed that ambush monsters will immediately react to the player no matter what.

    I also recently noticed two things about Doom2's Map12:
    -in the room with the lowering bridge behind the blue door, there's a switch that raises the sector you get teleported to when going through the small warehouse south of the map. It actually makes the soulsphere secret much more rewarding because you can take out the imps before getting there and avoid getting scratched by them.
    Heh the switch isn't really hidden and I always actiavted it without knowing what it is for, mainly because I'm used to get to the soulsphere before entering the blue door.

    -This one is strange and propably a bug; the yellow door leading to the final Caco-elevator-room requires a red key if you try to open it from the inside. Funny thing is that there's no red key in the map, so you're locked in that room and forced to exit.

  7. 40oz said:
    The name vader being credited for this map gets your hopes up, but it smells like the enthusiasm wasn't there. Like he was egged on to finish it. Next.

    Well, you're wrong!
    In fact the map has been finished quite a long time before the first E1 beta was released to the public. I'm well aware (already when making the map), that the cratemaze theme is kind of controversial and would generate a lot of varied feedback and I won't deny that the map could be improved for the next beta in some areas.
    I'm perfectly fine with that, but stupid assumptions like yours just make me sad.

  8. Heh, concerning the final fight in map06;
    I've been very indecisive about this one as well. Originally the fight had less reventants and only one archy on UV, but a couple of days before the beta release I decided to ramp up the difficulty in this spot, because some people have been saying that the map lacks teeth. I'll think about making that part easier for the next release again!

    Btw, concerning the teleport line near the BTSX secret;
    This one is kind of necessary, because beyond that line VPO-land begins. The only other option (without removing any of the architecture) would be to have an impassable line in the middle of a large, flat sector wich makes even less sense IMO.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone!

  9. Nice work!
    I love the Romero-head-mini-comic in particular; funny and really good looking at the same time.
    The image with the archy is also beyond awesome. I always wanted to make a group picture of all the Doom(2) enemies, but sooner or later I keep screwing up one of the monsters and loose interest in it afterwards :P

  10. I'm currently working on adding some light variation to the outside scene, but it appears to be a little more difficult than I expected...

    Those are (G)Zdoom 3d floors:

    Once you're familliar with how they work, you can do some really nice stuff with them!

    Ok, now it makes sense to me. In case I'm going to include a half-assed story with this map, I'll make sure to remember this :P

  11. Heh, doesn't really sound norwegian to me... or is there in fact an island with that name? A quick Google search didn't give any results :P

    Antroid said:

    Motherfu -- I must know how to make geometry like that whole cave thing in the first screenshot! I've only looked at UDMF a couple times, but is that sort of thing really tricky or just time consuming?

    Basically that scene is just made of normal slopes with very few vertex slopes in between, so no UDMF trickery required. But yes, it's a little time-consuming to get it to look right!

  12. Shameless cross-posting from zdoom.org ahead!

    I should really work on other things instead, but yeah:
    Paranoya is a single map in UDMF-format designed for Zdoom. Gzdoom will propably work just as well, but it is made with the software renderer in mind!
    When I started work on this map a couple of weeks ago, it merely was an exercise to get back into UDMF mapping after all the vanilla work I did for BTSX recently. However, I've been very happy with what I did so I decided to try finishing this map!

    This is a "zdoomification" of the third map from The Rebirth; Paranoya. This might be an old concept, but I don't care as long as working on it is fun :P
    There will be some new areas to explore and although a lot of detail has been added to the existing parts of the map, I'm trying my best to keep the general flow of the original intact. I'm also aiming for interesting gameplay (who doesn't) and especially try to avoid things that made some parts of KDIZD bad/frustrating, like bumpy details that get in the way, excessive switch hunts or nearly endless SSG-shooting-monotony.

    Anyway, enough talking, have some screenshots:

    Shots were taken without monsters because the gameplay is still in a very, very early stage. The map itself is about 80% done though, so I'm aiming to release a public beta sometime around next month!

    BTW, I'm well aware that "paranoya" isn't correct english, but I'd like to keep the name of the original map, even if it is spelled incorrectly. Another reason is that there's already a Paranoia.wad in the archives, but no Paranoya.wad :P

  13. I think it looks ok, except for the 4/6 frame, wich indeed looks like it's from a game with isometric view!
    In general, I have to echo what most people around here already pointed out:
    Drawing sprites on paper is time-consuming and not worth it in the end!
    I tried it myself, but the lack of flexibility and the fact that you can't easily edit frames on paper makes this approach a pain in the ass. Coloring is a different story, but similary frustrating!

    If you have some interest in art-related stuff and you know how to do rather simple edits, I recommend to get yourself into sculpting!
    I'm not talking about high-detail models or anything like that, but just a proper source to base your sprites off.
    Personally I just started to work with usual child-friendly putty, and after taking a few pictures of a really basic model
    in front of a blue background, I can already say that it works great!
    I'm not yet at the point to show anything, because the frames need quite a bit of post-processing, but again;
    If you're comfortable with small scale clean-up work and you know how to color things in your graphic-program of choice, this method really works wonders.

  14. Hmm, I recall that I had the same problem once, but I just can't remember what was causing it back then...
    Just to check the common mistakes:
    -Did you add <#include "zcommon.acs"> at the top of your script?
    -Did you compile your script? (I know you said you saved your script, but I'm asking just to be sure)
    -Make sure to have the latest version of ACC! (http://zdoom.org/Download)

    The 'Scripts unloaded' line in the console is definitely a sign that something is wrong, but I just can't tell what it is. gggmorks script itself works fine, so the problem must be somewhere else!

    If nothing of the things mentioned above helps, it might indeed be a good idea to post your map and scripts here. Otherwise it's hard to analyze things in detail!

  15. I like the fact that Doom got ported to the N64, but other than that I can barely say anything positive about Doom64.
    In the end I'm just not feeling it!

    Just as BaronOfStuff, I just don't like the art direction and in particular the monster designs.
    I also can't understand why a lot of people seem to really like the sound effects from Doom64. To me they sound aweful, not only compared to the original Doom games, but in general. They almost make my ears bleed every time I hear them :P

  16. Hmm, I'm starting to get skeptical...
    No offense, but after playing through map03 and 04, I just think they are too good to be made by a 11 year old!
    Those maps are not brilliant, but still pretty damn good in comparison to Doom2 or even some of the old classics like Scythe.

    Well, either this girl is a mapping genius and should seek an appropiate career ASAP or something is wrong here :P

    It may be just my mind going wild, but somehow I smell an admittedly clever promotion trick to get more people into looking at a newcomers wad...

  17. I have to admit those maps are pretty impressive considering the authors age!
    Map01 still looks like an experiment of some sort, but map02 has everything a good map needs IMO!
    It has a nice non-linear layout, good use of heigth variation and it doesn't look bad either... gameplay is also surprisingly interesting and even challenging :)

    Looking forward to see more!

  18. Pirx said:

    gameplay wise, i would have preferred cybers in the "metal mothers" map since shoot spider, hide, reload wasn't very interesting.

    The map name would have been pretty ridiculous if I used Cybies as the main "feature". But yeah, I agree that Spiderdemons can be a little tedious in general and map07 is no exception.
    However, judging by a lot of demos I've seen (not only for this map) I think a lot of people make those Mastermind fights boring themselfes by using mostly the SSG!
    Hell, in the fda j4rio posted, he even chaingunned a Spider to death while still having plently of rockets and cells... honestly, that would bore me as well :P