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  1. EuronymousKilledDead

    DOOM (PSX) music rips?

    I'm sure this has been asked before somewhere, but is there a way to rip PSX DOOM/Final DOOM music files off the PSX discs or similar...or has anyone done this?
  2. EuronymousKilledDead

    Doom I + II (Xbox) graphical enhancements?

    Whichever option they end up chosing, I'm quite sure it'll be worth to check out especially for what, ten bucks more? I was mainly just curious although it would be amazing and most likely too much to ask, to have the original PC versions with the PSX sounds/music added. I'd still like to know if the person behind that music had done anything in a regular music release realm and/or other soundtracks.
  3. EuronymousKilledDead

    Doom I + II (Xbox) graphical enhancements?

    Obviously my first post so bear with me in case this question has already been asked and/or is just plain stupid to you. Anyways...I'm wondering if they have graphically enhanced the Collector's Edition versions of Ultimate and Doom II for the XBOX at all if anyone knows? I haven't seen anything mentioned along the lines on any sites I have checked out etc personally.