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  1. arigo

    Doom 3. scary?

    I'll admit it. Doom3 makes me uneasy while playing it, but it's only because of the cheapness of the mappers. I mean, common. It's not fair when they make a mob spawn both in front and behind you, so when you back-up, you run into the one behind you. I'm playing it on hardest skill so it takes quite a while to take care of one guy let alone two. It's not like I jump out of my seat scared either. It's more of just an uneasy, "I have no control over what happens since shit just spawns on me" feeling. I also don't apreciate it when I open a door and something jumps out and claws my face before I can react. Doom3 makes me uneasy more because of cheapness than from a scary atmosphere or anything.
  2. arigo

    Physics Phun.

    Not quite. With the limited amount we see, we notice some really silly stuff happen from time to time. Like gravity not working.
  3. arigo

    Physics Phun.

    It was a gesture of ill will. Anyway, I didn't start the comparison to hl2, I just defended it.
  4. arigo

    Physics Phun.

    There really aren't that many puzzles, and the ones that are there are extremely simplistic. To say that halflife2 was completely based around physics is downright laughable. I got a kick out of the physics puzzles in hl2 that demonstrated the engine. That was new territory, and no game had ever done anything like it. I enjoyed having to think a little instead of the same old same old. That said, what really impressed me was the environment. I step from the train among other people, and trash flies by in the breeze. On a building sits a TV with a man talking, greeting us and making a reference to safety. It seems innocent and friendly - I quickly learn what a dystopia city 17 really is, and I want revenge the second I'm beat for throwing the can at the guard that knocked it off and told me to put it in the trash - this I later get. The game actually has a story, and I am bombarded with stimulus throughout. The AI on the hardest skill is the best I've ever seen in a game too - They are actually conniving. We both know how doom3 compares so I won't go into it. I think Doom3 is worth playing through once. That's actually what I'm doing right now, and I signed up on this board, at first, to get input on how to deal with a bug I have in the game. Just because I think Hl2 is superior doesn't mean I despise doom3. I'm playing it, and I like it enough to give it my time. You can label it "stupid crap" if you want to, it doesn't make it any less true.
  5. arigo

    Physics Phun.

    I don't think anyone here was comparing iD software to Valve. Ok, so valve bought a physics engine, making a smart choice and admitting they couldn't do such a superb job. iD didn't, and now their "phyics engine" if you want to call it that, is not even comparable. To tell you the truth, while I think hl2 is vastly superior to doom3, I find steam to be absolutely deplorable. Steam and all its mishaps brings Hl2 a tad closer to doom3, but it doesn't fill the entire gap. I don't get a boner over which company may or may not have better programmers, it's all about which company made the better end game. Now, if you like doom3 better, that's fine. That's your opinion, as my opinion is mine. I do, however, have an onslaught of reasons for my opinion. To all you people that think I shouldn't share my opinion because it's not reflecting of some iD famboy: *grabs crotch*
  6. arigo

    Physics Phun.

    How do you know how carcasses should act? Do you have something to tell us? :P Afaik, the body is quite nonrigid until rigor mortis sets in. Also, how do you get the damn corpses to stay? Mine just melt away.
  7. arigo

    Physics Phun.

    I agree because they aren't even on the same level. :P The only way doom3 even compares to hl2 is in graphics. I mean, you can only go down dark corridors and get ambushed for so long. I was a big fan of doom the original and doom2 - This game doesn't capture that atmosphere at all. I'm trudging through doom3 now because you can only beat hl2 on hard so many times before it gets boring.
  8. I have this problem with doom3 that has kept me from playing it from the start. If I am to move near a door, a random texture will get weird and jagged, like a video tape that is tracking, only much more subtle. I also notice it as I move foward if I look at the ground slightly. I tried to take a screenshot of it and it doesn't show up. I'm not sure if it is because it won't show in a shot, or if it's because the game pauses to take the shot. I don't have any problems with textures on objects that are moving in respect to me - It's just when I'm moving. I don't get it! I have no problems in any of my other games at all. My specs: -hercules 3d prophet 9800 pro -XP 3200+ -abit nf7 -512 megs memory - cpu and memory are prime95 stable, no problems in any other games. What I've tried: -New video card drivers -Patching doom3 -Entered lots of commands in console I've forgotten -Every single video option within the game. -Few things in config file I've also tried that was reccomended for people having problems with video. -underclocking my video card significantly. It's never been overclocked.