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  1. Im new to this site, so Hello... For about 9 months i've been making Doom pictures and now im interested if anyone would like to use them? http://img71.exs.cx/img71/1703/weapons6ai.png These are DooM II weapons... If anyone wants use them, email me at Darkspawn606@msn.com
  2. Thats what i kinda had in mind. If the creature was gibbed, then it would come together, but weakend. I also had another cool thought. If 2 or more creatures were gibbed near each other, then they could like mix together and form a bigger, badder creature.
  3. I've got some pretty sweet pics of Doom weapons that i've made. If anyone is interested into makeing a mod with these guns, Email me at Darkspawn606@msn.com and tell me what you think http://img71.exs.cx/img71/1703/weapons6ai.png
  4. If you shoot a lab creature or a Reanimated Human with a regular rocket or any non-plasma weapon, it will die, but come back to life. If you shoot them with a plamsa launcher or any other plasma weapon, they will die and stay dead.
  5. The weapons depend on if the creature dies or dies and reanimates
  6. That sounds like an awesome idea, but i think i might have a better one. Instead of vampires or hellspawns, what about experimented human creature things or Reanimated Humans. The only way to kill them is to disrupt their DNA with a plasma weapon *Cough* MX6 Plasma weapons *Cough*. And for the plot, email me and ill send it to you...i already wrote it out.
  7. Dude, nice weapon sprite, just one question? What gun is it for? For everyone else, if anyone has any weapon requests, write back and tell me..Thanx for the comments
  8. Here are the latest doom weapons that i've created. I didnt finnish some of them, so i plan to put up some more later. I used paint to make these guns. Write back and tell me your favorite weapon of the bunch. As before, write back if you want to use these guns. http://img134.exs.cx/img134/8972/weapontypes9fe.jpg http://img212.exs.cx/img212/3682/weapontypes29fj.jpg
  9. Dude, thats a great pic, but its a riot shotgun, not a double-barrel shotgun. Its a really great pic thou.
  10. If anyone who is interested in making a mod with my guns, tell me what kind of mod you're making and which doom port is the mod for. I've only made the pick-ups. I still dont know how to make the actual gun sprite itself. If anyone is willing to make the gun sprite, write back.
  11. What do you mean by weapon images? And i have more Weapon pictures that are comming out pretty soon...
  12. I plan to make other pickups later, but for now im into the guns