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Status Updates posted by Optimus

  1. Whenever a map name has keywords that remind me of being in a hurry or having to run fast, I cautiously make one more save besides my quicksave. I remember the horrors of levels that would crash you in 20 seconds or something, but it wasn't communicated well, besides something in the name. I knew it when it was too late and had to pistol start.

  2. Wish to see some new WXR episode or a comeback man!

  3. Woke up after having a dream that I had found a lost classic WAD called Beerwork.

    I was fuzzy asleep and googled beerwork.wad


    Do you have that thing where you are dreaming of something, maybe some of your lost forgotten work and you are like "Wow, that existed! Let's google it after I wake up" till you realize it's a silly idea.


    I also had the, "let's save it in a USB stick in my dream, so when I wake up I copy it in reality". Hahaha!

  4. Demoscene demo MOOD hahahaha


  5. Two random thoughts:


    1) I am currently playing Back to Saturn X series, loving it. The wad name initials though, makes me laugh ...buttsex =)


    2) How to break Brutal Doom. Barrels in the water. Btw, I am not even playing buttsex with BD, I just reached some levels with many barrels on water and reminded me on that fact. I used to have serious slowdowns at some WADs with BD when barrels exploded over water. Someone could go nasty with their wads and make hidden crushers with barrels over water triggered at various points just to break it for people who want to play with BD.

  6. I had earworm at work all day, of a music that I was sure is from a WAD I had long time to play, so not sure why it popped up now. I figured out it was MAP11 of Requiem.

    1. JDoyle


      That's a good one! Tolwyn did a new version of it for our upcoming music project, should be released in a few months. Keep your ears peeled!

  7. Your brain on Doom.

    1. Doomkid


      my brain is never not on doom

    2. R1ck
    3. Pooh


      I ported doom on my brain


  8. While trying to find out how the hell can I log out from my account, I searched a bit more of the doomworld features. I had already a blog in a site called livejournal, which account I killed, to reach deviantart (optimus6128.deviantart.com) where I stayed and only use it for blogging not art (except if blogging is art ;), I find out that I have another one. And I also used to blog on my website (optimus6128.demoscene.gr) demoscene diskmags and Pouet (pouet.net).

    I will probably write here about my Doom activities. I could write more, but I prefer to do this in my other blogs. But possibly I will write more because I like to write much =)))


    So,. I should be studying now instead of blogging. What else?

    About Doom. I was amazed when I found out that there exist tools to build my own maps. It was the first time I was introduced to game modifications. Alone then, nobody told me. I found DEU from a CD and tried to make some stuff. It was a pain at first to find out what a sidedef or linedef/sector tags are, or how to make a door or a boobytrap operate but after a while of searching (and looking at other maps with the editor), I could do the basic stuff. I was very curious back then to try out some insane tests, like filling a big room with 1000 imps and see what happens on my old 386 =)))

    I also tried dmgraph and dmaud. Command line based then. I pitty myself for missing a nice gfx sprite replacement I did back then, rendering some images of a small UFO with 3DStudio V.4 and then replacing it with the Cacodemon frames. The colors were a bit "funny" and the ufo crashed in the ground where a sign saying "Roswell" popped up at it's grave. Something went wrong when I rezipped the whole data in order to change something (very small unusual file size of the zip ;P) and then I replaced the new ZIP upon the only older version (didn't kept a backup of it) and so. Fcuk..

    That was around 1996-1998. Then, I was absorbed by the demoscene, a great community of realtime graphic demonstrations programming, with many obsessed freaks around the world (mostly Europe though). I start with Qbasic (don't laugh..), then a bit of X86 asm, or Z80 (for my Amstrad CPC democoding activities), a very little of 6510 (I made a lame C64 demo recently), and currently C and Java for modern democoding projects and because I need to know this for a modern job. I am still active in the demoscene, working on modern demos (with OpenGL, SDL or some gfx Java applets), sometimes still interested for democoding in older machines (Still some CPC and C64 projects, learning 68000 currently for AtariSt democoding, got a Gamepark32 and testing some code, even thinking of buying a new mobile phone for trying some java code for it. And who knows what else..),..

    ..but recently I found the time for Doom WAD editing again! Not far from today, I uploaded my old WADs (1994alike but not done in 1994) to the ftps, then another oldskool WAD with some nicer details at some places, then a crazy entry called Doomonstration and now I am currently working on a sp Doom2 WAD were I am obsessed with shadows and little details. I always wanted to do something similar to the most popular WADs, I always like those funny ideas, details and shadows and I never managed to work hard on this before. But I am already pleased with the lightning of my new incoming Doom2 WAD, even if displeased with some other details and things that should be changed or doesn't look as good as I'd wish (I am a perfectionist). I could show some screenshot of my upcoming projects here, perhaps next time because I don't have the WADs with me right now and I have to go..

    So,. expect screenshots (nextime), previews and blogging about Doom around this place ;)

    p.s. My current works are these three:
    They suck, don't they? ;/

    1. Optimus


      Where these supposed to also be posted in the forum? At first I thought I made a terribly lame mistake, but it's also in the blog link of mine so I guess the new blogs of all people around are also posted here, and I am fine with that (Why shouldn't I, me the ultimate doom lamer ;;;)))

      And,.. optimus.demoscene.gr, not optimus6128.demoscene.gr
      I should have put https for BB

      I am sorry for being so stupid, NOT ;)

    2. Arckra



      Blogs is a hidden forum of its own.

    3. Bloodshedder


      Blogs are blogs, but the blogs work by having their own forum. That's how people make comments.

      Originally, blogs were done by sending private messages to a special user, but the ability to make comments on entries was impossible.