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  1. Optimus

    unpopular retro opinions

    When people talk about adventure games, everyone remembers Monkey Island, it's the most trendy classic, but it wasn't my favorite at all. I think it's too overrated at times.
  2. Optimus

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Trying to get back in mapping, for doomworld maximum project 2022. Very basic detail for now, my new map called Zolita Fields, trying to keep a consistent theme, desolate planet with grey/orange and blues/fireblus.
  3. Maybe two areas in Dark Souls 2 DLCs. In Crown of the Sunken King, in a cave where you fight the 3 gravediggers. It's just like 3 NPCs, but the combination of them made it much harder for me, once I screamed when after many tries I managed to reduce their numbers to one and I thought "I have it now, finally!" but I managed to make a mistake and die. In that one, I was so exhausted (finished already the regular DS2 in long sessions) that I uninstalled the game and didn't went back to it until much later. Then, Crown of the Ivory King, Frigid Outskirts, that awful area (more awful than say Bed of Chaos in DS1), where you run for minutes in white snow storm fog, to be attacked by Horses, and most of the times I can't even reach the final boss, I go around in circles, not given an oppurtunity to know where I am going, while more horses are coming. And if you reach it, it's double boss cats, and you are exhausted. You can spawn NPCs but doesn't help much. When I reached that area, I tried it once, and I decided to uninstall DS2 and said "I am not doing this, this area doesn't exist for me". So, I said I finished DS2 with the DLCs already, it's over. Only came back way much later and decided to give it few tries, just to set in stone that I once in my life finished that area. When I did it (only took 2-3 times and spawns helped this time as the double boss cats where not attacking me most of the time), I said to myself "I finished this area, never again, if I play DS2 in the future I will skip this one, I will pretend it doesn't exist".
  4. Optimus

    What is the hardest map you've ever completed?

    I don't know because if it's too hard I end up cheating and I am not much into slaughter maps. Unless those are considered easy from different perspectives. I played Sunlust once, but somewhere near the end I had to cheat IDDQD and IDKFA, I don't remember if it was God Machine or one of the previous levels. I remember I was overwhelmed with hordes of Pain Elementals and other monsters at some point, with no ammo to clean up. Then, maybe something I didn't cheat and finished it also in UV? As I've played enough Alien Vendetta, it would be the last few maps since 25. Maybe the infamous MAP26 Dark Dome, but you know that's why I say difficulty is relative, because in this map if you know where to go, it might be easier. But I don't like these maps. I prefer MAP25 slaughtery, which was hard, but was epic with gradual monsters.
  5. Optimus

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I decided to play Lunacid that I recently bought for Steam. It looked like oldschool 3D era dungeon crawler but with great atmosphere, and basically it's inspired by King's Field series which is predecessor in some sense of Dark Souls. I recently was into Dark Souls and started being curious about other older games from FromSoftware. I've seen the PS1 King's Field in some youtube videos, thought hmm,.. no matter how awfully dated it looks, that could be something I could get into if the difficulty/controls are not that awkward. Long story short, I still chicked out from trying any King's Field, so I thought, "What the hell? If Lunacid is inspired by the oldies, but as a newer game it might be a bit more sanitized and easier to get into, I'll give it a try". And I wasn't dissapointed! I tried to check it for half an hour, ended up playing 4 hours straight first day, then I wanted to come back, because it's first person dungeon crawler, with very immersive ambient music/sounds and minimalism and lighting, but also it has those elements of a big world interconnected, with places you can't reach at first but might reach much later from a loop, just like Dark Souls. But in first person perspective which is more immersive in my opinion. And the game is a bit grindy at first, but later you get stronger and it's quite easy. There are just some areas, very well done though, where it's insane atmosphere, being in the dark chased by grotesque monsters, that your weapons don't damage unless you know what element to use, it doesn't tell you, it lets you find things on your own. And there are many secrets and surprises, some of them I had to see walkthrough to be sure I didn't miss anything. So, yes, it totally immersed me, and now it makes me curious to actually go play the King's Field series or other similar.
  6. Optimus

    What is your favorite wad?

    Too many to list, very common question thread that must have opened many times already, but I always include Alien Vendetta in that.
  7. Optimus

    Passing pure vanilla IWAD's on UV in old-school way

    I used to play Doom keyboard only since it's inception, I wasn't aware of the mouse control. It existed, but it wasn't a standard, you'd never play an action game and think "where is the mouse control?". Many years later, when someone showed me Quake 2 with mouse (I even finished Quake one keyboard only on my 486, that's how much I didn't know better), at first I was like "How can you play an FPS like this with keyboard mouse compo?". And I was very awkward when I tried. Years later I was still play ZDoom with keyboard only, before I moved to the full GZDoom mouselook. So, for many of us it wasn't standard, and you didn't even think mouse can be used in a useful way on an FPS game. The wasd+mouse concept wasn't a thing when Doom was out and even a bit later before Quake.
  8. Hard to pick up, there are more than 10. But here are some. Doom 1,2 Blood Dark Souls 1 Daggerfall Eye of the Beholder 2 Spelunky Borderlands 1,2 Metal Slug Deus Ex Castlevania Aria of Sorrow
  9. Cool. I was reading about the AGI stalls somewhere, didn't know or pay attention much to it before, even if try to optimize for oldschool PCs. But what is VBD mode? I can't find something? Or maybe it's something I am aware but just don't know the name of it?
  10. Optimus

    Do you destroy all the explosive barrels or leave them?

    Prematurely by the time I see them, wasting my ammo, then I notice some of them were placed for a purpose, to use them for blowing enemies that spawn later, but it's too late now.
  11. Optimus

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I noticed all UAC cylinders in this area (and also in a previous room) had few pixels cut near the C. It was so identically that I initially thought the default texture is wrong, but later I opened the editor and they all had the same texture offsets that created the effect, copy paste of the exact same prefab.
  12. Definitely, I find wolfenstein3d too boring (and never even finished it) even when trying to create a map, because there is no variety in heights, angled walls, various line triggers and numerous other stuff. Doom was a huge step since Wolfenstein 3D. Quake was less of a leap (besides the polygon engine and real mouse look) from Doom.
  13. Very recently I was playing DBP 45: Vrack Botanicals and there was MAP02, the kind of map where you have to select one of two paths (one gives you the plasma gun, the other the rocket launcher). At first I was confused because I couldn't get a secret on one path and thought you might trigger it from the other side. So I cheated and IDCLIP through the other closed path. Then I realized the intention of the creator was to only chose one of the two paths. But since I cheated and don't like to not explore everything, I played through it by idclipping and getting everything. Then felt bad during the later playthrough :P
  14. Optimus

    WADs with no secrets?

    I too get very obsessed trying to find every secret in a map nowadays (I didn't use to), so you'd see me sometimes reach the end and then spend 10 more minutes trying to find them, even cheat a bit or open Doom Builder. I used to just end a map and leave secrets behind me, but since some years it has become obligatory to find them all. I like few secrets, but I like maps where it's not like a big number (I sigh though when I see over 10, then be relieved when I realize 8 of them are stairs marked as secrets :P). I like them few and relatively obvious.