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  1. Hmm, let's see. Maybe Inception. Maybe some overhyped films from Christopher Nolan that just didn't appeal to me even if the concepts behind them seem really interesting. p.s. Agree about superhero movies. They are so popular right now and produced like crazy, I am bored to death by watching some, they are supposed to be "nerds are cool" culture, most superheros are having crazy powers out of nothing so there is no suspense, no connect to reality where you are worrying about the hero, since the heros can just pull crazy powers out of their ass. I only like Batman, it's also darker and more with regular technology than superhuman abilities.
  2. Optimus

    doom is so Endless

    "Doom is Endless" I say that usually when I found a post or video about something totally extraordinary new I never know about Doom, or some new idea when you think you have seen everything there is about Doom but a new idea surprised you. We had some new discoveries in 2018-2019 I think and I was... WOW
  3. Optimus

    Making maps in DOS editors

    Cool, I haven't ever tried any of those editors, but not too far ago I tried DEU in a DOS PC again, which I first used back in 1996. I should also try to make a video of me using it. Or maybe try to capture Doom editing on Acorn Archimedes, not long ago I loaded up DETH on my A7000+ and it works fine.
  4. Optimus

    Who is more of a slob out of me and my friend?

    And I thought I had it bad. But you win :)
  5. Optimus

    DBP36: Aquatic Wonder

    Nice and short one, I made a video longplay
  6. Optimus

    Doomcute thread

    A not very known megawad, Hell2Pay (to me a hidden gem, despite a lot of mediocre maps, but some interesting ones like secret map 32) but has some pretty unique doomcute. Especially on the map21 with planet surface, there are remnants of ancient giants, a hand, a huge skull, huge animal bones, etc.. done in such a lowres doomcute way that you can't go more doomcute than that :) Map20 have you being inside a huge computer, there is CPU, memory modules and outside is a cool lunar lander. There are more surprises in this (commercial at the time I think, from the same authors as Perdition Gate) hidden in some other mediocre levels, you have to play to find them. Enemies are obnoxious, but the replace of lost souls with flying blobs (which with the transparency of GZDoom for lost souls makes them also transparent and fitting) is rad for the time.
  7. Happy 25th Doom's anniversary! I was working slowly on the original released Doom 3DO code, trying to improve the speed or adding new features, so I thought what's better than setting a deadline for first release before or right on the anniversary day :) The speed up is at the moment only due to reducing rendering quality. But at least it's kinda playing better in the first few levels with floor textures off and halfing wall columns. I hope to manage to improve performance in future release. There are also additional fun gameplay options, oh and an implementation of the PSX firesky! http://bugothecat.net/releases/3DO/optidoom/optidoom_main.html p.s. Just to mention, I don't give an ISO on my site, but a zipfile with only the compiled executable and the 3DO tools necessary to extract all the files and folders from an actual Doom 3DO CD you own or an ISO, copy the new files, compile back the ISO and use the encrypt tool to make this runable on real 3DO. I hope it's not too much for anyone who wants to try it (the tools are easy and intuitive), I just decided to not hand in my site the full ISO but only the legit parts, free executable and the latest source code, just like the community is doing for PC ports. Maybe redundant for an old console that's not commercially viable, but I thought to be consistent. I don't mind if someone else makes an ISO and uploads at other places though.
  8. Optimus

    When did Doom WAD's hit their Peak?

    It's still ongoing, there is always something to surprise us. An old style that might have hit it's peak though and might have rarely seen something similar, was 96s gimmicky Doom tricks in maps like Requiem for example (briges above bridges and other kinds of original tricks or puzzles), maybe maxxed with Eternal Doom WAD. Things like combining gameplay/level design tricks to create things like a real life bank, where you go and the alarm goes on, teleports you into a cage with fire, or break the alarm and teleport in that place with the fire off,. or the time machine map where four different portals take you to different eras, destroyed future city, lava earth billions of years ago, etc,. that secret map i mansion where the TV control shows you the progression, and way more maps, with a lot of other crazy ideas I can't remember. Mix of adventurous flow with clever unique level design tricks, 90s WADs of that kind. I think Eternal Doom is the peak on that. Even that extra map with minesweeper Doom, where there is even exe code which randomizes the puzzle, autogenerates/hacks the WAD or something. Funny with this, there is a DOS menu to do that, programmed by the Doom group. I've noticed few other maps that did that then. I also found a map with FLI animations playing from a batch file before the game starts. Too much dedication for that kind of immersion then. Oh and I remember few more with dehacked too, doing very original things you don't use to see unless with scripts. Now maps are much more detailed, much more polished, more focused on slaughtermap style, less on adventure flow. They are objectively much better but they lack for me that other elmement of the 90s.
  9. Optimus

    Do you ever get tired of Doom?

    I recently stopped playing for 1-2 months as I was really motivated for other hobbies. Now the strange thing is, when I came back I realized I was getting motion sick. I had this happen another time back, taking a long break from games and especially FPS, coming back and something different in my brain and I get motion sick, annoys me for a while because I can't enjoy, then if I stop and play again the next days my brain gets used to it and I don't get it anymore. I am in these big periods where I haven't played for more than a month (but now I recorded a play of the new DBP) and that's actually cool as my motivation shifts in creative hobbies and other stuff (after I finished the OptiDoom version, I also started building old DOS PCs from 8088 to 486 and running demoscene demos, trying to code things in C+asm, experimenting, etc).
  10. Optimus

    Have WAD Expectations Changed?

    The truly bad 1994 WADs are the ones where everything is horribly aligned but mostly regular walls that act like doors in the middle of nowhere, so you end up hugging regular walls and trying use on anything, those walls-doors are for normal progression not secrets, they are everywhere. And the general quality of those anyway is just draw a simple empty room with startan all over, don't bother to change texture or add something distinctive. But otherwise minimalistic visuals and simple detail doesn't bother me as long as there are proper aligned textures where they should be, doors are door textures (unless it's a secret where still it could be some other hint to find them). I can still find some WADs in the 90s that don't have the issues from the first paragraph but is more like this one, simple minimalistic with shotgun against easy enemies, but maybe in the minimalism some kind of atmosphere is conveyed. I like sometimes high details on maps, but for my taste I would design whatever I prefer, and some people might like and other might not. If you do something that doesn't have the obviously bad elements of 1994 but still is simple but fun then there will be a portion of Doomers who will still enjoy it for what it is.
  11. Optimus

    OptiDoom, my Doom port for 3DO.

    I could find covers/remixes already done by members of the community and try to load these instead. In the CD there are AIFF files for sound effects and music. I managed to replace sound effects with PSX sound effects successfully, but for some reason when I tried to do the same for the audio something went bad and I got nice. But it could be different AIFF audio format and I could find better converters. Then I could make packs with modernized or heavy metal remixes of the music. As for the new levels, normally one can try to load the official Doom 1 IWAD (if they throw the WAD in the wads folder before creating the ISO) and it will load the original maps with more geometry (for example you will see the additional stairs in E1M2), but then it will replace the Doom 1 PC textures with the ones that are closest match to the 3DO texture resources (so things will not look exactly the same and sometimes wrong, but the additional geometry will be there). One problem though,. I only map the ExMx maps to the equivalent maps on 3DO right now MAP01 to 24 I think. So,. some of the maps will not be loaded. For this I'll have to write some more code to allow for MAPxx over 24 (or ExMx over some numbers I skip, for example if you try a WAD with ultimate doom slots E4Mx, I will reject these for now). One can load even Doom 2 IWAD but after MAP24 it's over. Also a lot of things won't work there, new enemies are not in the code, they will not appear,. and MAP15 was so big that it crashed, not fitting in memory or something. I could work specifically on these issues and make a pack next time,. although for the next release I decided to go back and focus mostly to the attempt to improve the speed. Afterall, all these additional WADs are quite slower than the original at times.
  12. Optimus

    OptiDoom, my Doom port for 3DO.

    At 24:10 of this video I show again the graphics presets, trying to mimic as close as possible the other console versions. Most of the consoles really were using 2*1 pixel columns, while the 3DO Doom was full pixel 1*1. Switching the window size to be as close as possible to these other version, while using 2*1, disable depth shading, or mimicking the SNES lack of floor texturing, would show that the 3DO version wasn't unoptimized for what it was. Mimicking the half pixel especially would make it comparable to a lot of the other versions. A frame rate of 7-9fps at start would jump to 14-16 depending. It's still not perfect but shows the 2*1 pixel X stretch alone, would be a big saver for 3DO Doom performance if Rebecca had the time to implement it.
  13. Optimus

    OptiDoom, my Doom port for 3DO.

    New version is out! This is focused on external WAD loading. Simply throw your wads to the wads folder in the CD, select them from the modmenu and pray they will just not crash :) I've managed to through oldschool things like Fava Beans there and play through 3-4 maps before the next ones would crash. Then even managed to load Alien Vendetta and maybe MAP01 or 02 would load, very very slow play, crash at some random time. This is a simple WAD loader btw, loads the 10 lumps from the WADs, converts them back to the structure the 3DO expects (32bits for 16bit values, big endian, indices instead of 8 char string for texture IDs, and more), so it's a map loader, not a texture resource loader (for this I'd have to convert the 8bit palette Doom PC textures to the different CEL formats on the 3DO, a work for the future), so when some WADs have texture IDs that don't exist in the limited Doom 3DO resource, I do a manual mapping based on some binary data tables and where with my eyes I matched certain 3DO textures with certain texture IDs in PC Doom 1/2. This way, you can load some maps and things seem consistent even if textures are different. I loaded oldschool stuff like Acheron, Fava Beans (but others like UAC Dead just crashed on me) or even the whole Doom1 or 2 IWAD and things sometimes looked still ok. Secondly, I did a lot of special fx on the sector types unused bits, like RGB colored sectors, fog effect, warp/scroll floor/ceiling, distort framebuffer when inside sector, etc. I present some test WADs I made with Doom Builder and updated cfg files (which I'll release on a website with tutorial on how to do maps for OptiDoom 3DO specifically), some test maps and one full level using these features as much as it can (but I went overboard with the detail for the 3DO at least and it can drop very low and have freezes because of memory). Lot's of cool stuff there and I have timestamps on the video with the various test maps. Finally, more minor things, fixes, microoptimisations, and 3DO mouse support which is rather good especially if you use the Phoenix emulator which supports it, map the DPAD to WASD, turn up the overclock and enable it, among with always run, mouse slider for speed, etc. http://bugothecat.net/releases/3DO/optidoom/optidoom_main.html p.s. I think I'll had my fun with these gimmicks and the loader, I might try to focus exclusively to optimize the engine for 0.3, many people have asked me, some nagged why I do these gimmicks and not focus on optimizing the engine for good in this one. I guess I'll change my direction and focus entirely to that, even though I don't really know when the next version will be out and this one will be done when it's done as it's a daunting task to get some good framerate with this (and more issues to fix like memory hickups/micro freezes).
  14. Optimus

    What's the most annoying Doom bug?

    I was going for the blockmap, but then I thought I can live with it, while I noticed the visplane which would absolutely kill your game back in the DOS days. Or, wouldn't happen in most maps anyway, but the most annoying is when I first started designing a map in DEU calling it real.wad because I wanted it to be the most realistic thing ever, with many many shadows, sector doomcute for breakage, etc.. to get for the first time in my life the error on the first room already. EDIT: Why wasn't the leaky radsuit in the list? Oh wait.. that's actually not a bug. I would dare to vote on this over blockmap/visplanes or anything else if so.
  15. Optimus

    The map you thought would never end

    Some maps from Eternal Doom if you don't know the puzzles and get stuck forever. I remember MAP20: Silures just took so long the first time (way over 1 hour, almost 2) when I didn't know where I was going and what to do next. Everytime I found some secret button or puzzle clue I missed and thought that's it, I am not stuck anymore, to have to find another and another one the very next moment, the flow was interrupted for the majority of the time. And it's an interesting level if you learn what you should do, there are some tedious teleport puzzles, but also different exits, depending on the path you took, there is I think a yellow key that you may not find and opens an optional area, and more. I think the second time it took me 40-50 minutes, after I kinda knew what to expect.
  16. I always play full screen (with some data about health/ammo overlayed of course) because it's more immersive. There wasn't a need for the bar unless to lower screen for slow computers back in time. I know the bar is considered a nostalgia classic, but it makes more sense to go total fullscreen nowadays.
  17. Optimus

    Doomcute thread

    I guess my best attempt is this broken bridge with broken planks and hanging ropes from my single level wad Budrum26
  18. Optimus

    [Wad And Map Guessing Game Thread]

    What a coincidence, I was just playing this one yesterday. I started playing through the whole Odessa series recently, haven't played them before. This is Odessa_7.
  19. Optimus

    DBP34: Luminous Gloom

  20. Optimus

    DBP34: Luminous Gloom

    Wow, totally forgot about the incoming DBP. Time to make another video :)
  21. Optimus

    That one secret in Monster Condo

    That reminded me when I recently played Doom 2 Reloaded ( https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/megawads/d2reload ). It was a hidden gem for me that I didn't know before, many clever ideas, but there is one thing. It overuses functions like 30sec close door, in way more than 1 map. It's also overuses some other ideas, that makes secrets in a lot of levels unatainable if you make a mistake. For example, secrets where the enemy has to open the door for you, but if you killed him from a window bye bye. I can't count the times in this WAD I couldn't find the secret and had to open Doom Builder to realize it's unreachable. And then went back and cheated with idclip anyway, because I don't like to leave a level without finding all secrets. There is also the secret map32 I think, where this concept goes to an entirely whole new level. There are several stages in that map and an increasing number as you advance, in many of these stages if you do the wrong thing or not run in 30s (at least in the beginning) then you have to go to some exit sectors to finish early. I finished that one with a lot of savespam, a bit of cheating and Doom Builder opening. The concept is original but not sure I liked destroying my playthrough because of unreachable secrets (or regular progression in this case).
  22. Optimus

    That one secret in Monster Condo

    That's the one that made me open DoomBuilder and check it. I facepalmed. In any normal play, you'd never think of rushing away from the starting area unexplored and run directly to that spot. It doesn't make sense. There are two sector specials, one says close door after 30mins and there is another one that says after 5 minutes open and then close door. That second one, I don't know where it's used in classic Doom, but it's used nicely in Eternal Doom MAP05 where a monitor tells you come back in 5 mins. At least this one let's you know.
  23. Optimus

    Anybody else not date?

    I would think like that some times. I would be in the same dilemma of want and not want at the same time. I would think, what if I had a relationship and then I would feel more free when I am out of it. It's because if someone hears you never had a girlfriend and you say "It's not a big deal", then the usual reaction is "How do you know? Have you ever experienced it?". But that locks you into the predicament that you have to get involved at least once to justify it and not feel guilty or ashamed. And as it's also not easy to get in for some people and sometimes it's hard to get out from it too, I asked myself: Was I desperate for it just to check a box that says "not a virgin anymore"? I never ask what do I really want rather than what it's assumed I should want. And I can get sometimes dreamy about some girl I met, or something. But now I strongly believe love is an illusion and you can see other people together and feel some kind of envy, but it's several ideas we have about all these things. It certainly seems wholesome for a couple to say they love each other and hold hands like she is the special one, but that could be any other random man/woman that you think you are in love. I try not to think much about it. Some people are together and it's fine, but we also shouldn't feel inferior because we didn't make it or weren't interested in the first place. Oh, and I am over 40 years old, so I am more "past the train" in that aspect, so why pass the rest of my life worrying about it..
  24. Optimus

    Anybody else not date?

    Just to add my thoughts, I see MGTOW to incels as the switch to cannabis from hard drugs. Many incels would be helped a bit if switched to the MGTOW mindset for a while. Just to point, I don't identify with any of the two, just chose to not be antipathetic to these groups as incels didn't chose to be psychologically stuck into this hell (and at least they say they find solace in these communities) and MGTOWs are closer to live and let live (just leave us alone they say). Anyway, the MGTOW position is an escape from inceldom to something at least less harmful, as I see incels are too desperate and obsessed about their life worth must be absolutely connected to a woman. Now, MGTOW reject to be associated with women, but at least those who are like "leave me alone, I don't care" they don't bother anyone so I don't get the hate. To move from a total obsession around women to even quitting worrying about it (which MGTOW still do think too much around women unfortunately, as most of their conversation are focused about these issues) is a step of improvement from old mental habits. I don't know what comes after that, maybe it's ok to live in an equilibrium where you are not desperate, but you are on your own and do your own thing, without being as resentful. And I don't think the lives of these young men are ruined because these groups exist. I see the groups as a result of other things going wrong in life. Why would you want to join such groups when they are hated by the mainstream, unless you have nothing to lose? That's another reason why I don't identify, even if my way of life would look similar to a variation of these identities, but I am older and was in such relating situations before even the terms ever existed. I was doing ok as a loner way before these concepts hit the mainstream.