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  1. Optimus

    Passing pure vanilla IWAD's on UV in old-school way

    I used to play Doom keyboard only since it's inception, I wasn't aware of the mouse control. It existed, but it wasn't a standard, you'd never play an action game and think "where is the mouse control?". Many years later, when someone showed me Quake 2 with mouse (I even finished Quake one keyboard only on my 486, that's how much I didn't know better), at first I was like "How can you play an FPS like this with keyboard mouse compo?". And I was very awkward when I tried. Years later I was still play ZDoom with keyboard only, before I moved to the full GZDoom mouselook. So, for many of us it wasn't standard, and you didn't even think mouse can be used in a useful way on an FPS game. The wasd+mouse concept wasn't a thing when Doom was out and even a bit later before Quake.
  2. Hard to pick up, there are more than 10. But here are some. Doom 1,2 Blood Dark Souls 1 Daggerfall Eye of the Beholder 2 Spelunky Borderlands 1,2 Metal Slug Deus Ex Castlevania Aria of Sorrow
  3. Cool. I was reading about the AGI stalls somewhere, didn't know or pay attention much to it before, even if try to optimize for oldschool PCs. But what is VBD mode? I can't find something? Or maybe it's something I am aware but just don't know the name of it?
  4. Optimus

    Do you destroy all the explosive barrels or leave them?

    Prematurely by the time I see them, wasting my ammo, then I notice some of them were placed for a purpose, to use them for blowing enemies that spawn later, but it's too late now.
  5. Optimus

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I noticed all UAC cylinders in this area (and also in a previous room) had few pixels cut near the C. It was so identically that I initially thought the default texture is wrong, but later I opened the editor and they all had the same texture offsets that created the effect, copy paste of the exact same prefab.
  6. Definitely, I find wolfenstein3d too boring (and never even finished it) even when trying to create a map, because there is no variety in heights, angled walls, various line triggers and numerous other stuff. Doom was a huge step since Wolfenstein 3D. Quake was less of a leap (besides the polygon engine and real mouse look) from Doom.
  7. Very recently I was playing DBP 45: Vrack Botanicals and there was MAP02, the kind of map where you have to select one of two paths (one gives you the plasma gun, the other the rocket launcher). At first I was confused because I couldn't get a secret on one path and thought you might trigger it from the other side. So I cheated and IDCLIP through the other closed path. Then I realized the intention of the creator was to only chose one of the two paths. But since I cheated and don't like to not explore everything, I played through it by idclipping and getting everything. Then felt bad during the later playthrough :P
  8. Optimus

    WADs with no secrets?

    I too get very obsessed trying to find every secret in a map nowadays (I didn't use to), so you'd see me sometimes reach the end and then spend 10 more minutes trying to find them, even cheat a bit or open Doom Builder. I used to just end a map and leave secrets behind me, but since some years it has become obligatory to find them all. I like few secrets, but I like maps where it's not like a big number (I sigh though when I see over 10, then be relieved when I realize 8 of them are stairs marked as secrets :P). I like them few and relatively obvious.
  9. I see the extreme architectures of Sunder or Sunlust (I played Sunlust and cheated a lot, didn't play Sunder), they have a certain style, they are pretty solid in their colors/textures, and some interesting high detailed abstract architectures, and of course huge, but it's not my thing. I appreciate how solid they are, but they are like solid arenas where every place looks the same and is not memorable compared to some old WADs. But that's just me, I prefer old adventurous maps, where the colors/textures/themes change sometimes from room to room, they have areas you discover that in my mind are very memorable compared to modern WADs. Or for vastness I prefer some maps in Eternal Doom (the megawad, not the commercial game), but it's true some of these vast maps are pretty empty and would do well with more slaughter.
  10. Optimus

    Choosing Only 5 wads to Play Forever

    Alien Vendetta Eternal Doom Earth.wad NeoDoom Dystopia 3
  11. Optimus

    Doomcute thread

    The recent DBP43 - Christmas in Inferno has some pretty detailed doomcute (and there is more)
  12. It's too early to decide, but what the heck. I can work out one of my other ideas. Count me in!
  13. Optimus

    How much of your day goes to Doom?

    Not sure. Doom is 1/4th or 5th of the things I am doing. I might be coding things outside of Doom, like demos in retro or modern platforms, I might be watching podcasts on youtube while playing with my phone, or just searching things on the internet, or other gaming or moves. I do play more WADs though than editing maps (something I'd like to get more into), so there are period where I play 2-3 hours a day specific megawads, then I just stop playing for a period. If I check the time on ManicTime for GZDoom and divide, for the 4 years, it's almost 1 hour per day.
  14. Optimus

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2021 - Compiling...

    How do we submit entries? I guess just posting it here counts? Then here is my final entry, uploaded as an attachment. Name: Valmanic Dreams Author: Optimus Engine: Vanilla Tested with: GZDoom, Chocolate Doom, Chocolate Renderlimits (to seek for those nasty visplanes overflows and reduce detail where needed), original Doom 2 under Dosbox. p.s. Even had some struggle to make the deep water effect (first time I use this trick) work on both under accelerated GZDoom and original Doom engine. valmanic.zip
  15. Optimus

    Cursed Doom Images

    This is ZARDOZ =)
  16. Optimus

    Cursed Doom Images

    Hehe, I was playing Final NeoDoom, spamming those tripbombs all over the place, and this is one of the three frames youtube's AI decided to capture for me. It looks like I am fighting against the scary blocky stonehead monsters and it's minions.
  17. Optimus

    Worst looking texture

    It's hard to take a pick as every texture could be used in unique ways that fit, like using a subsection of the texture with proper texture offsets for other things. But as a whole, I always found the shawn metallic texture too ugly (although it gives the sense of a spaceship silver hull or something at some levels). I realized there is also a red colored version of it which maybe I haven't ever used. Meanwhile, some texture suffer from elements that make them ugly when tiled, like that metallic UAC with the stone bar. I found more flats weird that I definitely haven't used, like the dark one with the diagonal stripes (it's the stripes that break it, it's ok to have a dark version of it without stripes) or the ceiling one I have in screenshot which I guess shouldn't be used in a big area, but don't even know where it's used, maybe tops of doomcute computers? I don't think I ever used those two flats. And maybe never used the red shawn but the others I did.
  18. Optimus

    Doomcute thread

    I thought that was a cake :)
  19. For a long time, I thought Slige was the oldest attempt for a tool that can procedurally generate Doom maps. I was planning to go historically from the oldest one to the newest and see how the quality of the generation has evolved. But I discovered a much older tool that was only included in the shoverware D!Zone CDs. I got them from the internet archive and open the latest one, D!Zone Gold and installed the D! frontend in Dosbox. It was a bit messy at first to find out how it works and there were few crashes (the installer would get a runtime error but this is typical Turbo Pascal written program, where in faster machines it will crash unless you patch it with tppatch, but all I did was reduce the Dosbox cycles anyway) and a bit tedious to find out what I want, but later I managed to use the generator. Initially I was using this launcher because of another feature of simply swapping randomly items/monsters in the already existing maps. Before, I was looking for something old without balance, to have a laugh when I am blocked by Cyberdemons that replaced imps or something, I've tried more balanced randomizers before, but the old one here creates the chaos I want. But as I was using it, I noticed there was another exe file, GenWad.exe that claims to also generate the maps too. When I ran it I got an error. After a lot of searching I realized, this is supposed to run from inside the D! frontend. I found out how to select some of my maps and switch them with generated ones. But still crash,.. at least in Doom 2 (different version of WAD expected?). Finally, it works in Doom 1, I didn't care about which Doom it is, as long as I observe how primitive the map generation was back then to compare with later attempts. Before the 15th minute is the whole process of me fighting my way in Dosbox. After that, I save the WAD and load it in a modern port to enjoy. It was interesting to see what kind of map layouts probably the earliest map generator did, with big squary rooms and 1994 design, it does have proper doors and elevators, it can have secrets which are random walls without marks, and some stairs but a totally random mess of items scattered around. I might even need to search for the earliest D!Zone CD, as this one is GenWad v2.0, which means there might be a version 1.0 and I could look out of curiosity how much v2.0 from 1.0 has evolved. Might do it in my next video if I find out the earliest version.
  20. Optimus

    DBP40: Funnelcake Apparitions

    I like the theme. That was a nice and short wad, so great to play in one evening. Here is my playthrough.
  21. It would be hard to answer before, but trying to do pistol start UV of every map (something I didn't do ever before, I prefer to play a megawad in a row and keep my weapons) the one that I suffered through is MAP23 barrels of fun. Now, I like this one map normally, but from pistol start I had to die many times, because ammo was scarce and I ended up in the main area before going outside, blocked by pain elementals spawning more lost souls and demons on the stairs, with very few ammo. Definitely, if played with pistol start, MAP23 shows. I had an easier time even with Plutonia maps pistol start.
  22. Optimus

    How much space does your folder occupy where you play doom?

    I just realized I had a big 36GB MP4 video of something Doom recordered in wads folder, so they are something like 6GB now and the whole thing is 21.7GB
  23. Optimus

    How much space does your folder occupy where you play doom?

    It seems to be 56.8GB (or exactly 61033182477 bytes :) This is what is inside. I might have been saving a lot of random wads in the 'wads' folder, then I am mainly playing in GZDoom where I sometimes unorganized throw WADs inside (till I decide to clean up)
  24. Optimus

    Most recent movie you saw

    The Mothman Prophecies. I've seen it before one or two times, I like the eerie atmosphere. But since I finished reading yesterday the book by John Keel where the story is based on, I did a rewatch with a fresh memory of the events in the book.
  25. Optimus

    Why are so many indie games retro-styled?

    It amuses me when they try to pretend it's like the old times, and they make the graphics worse than the old times. When there is an indie FPS which intentionally has very lowres textures for the weapon model and the world, even intentionally distort the textures to be like PS1 lack of perspective correction, then you realize that the original Doom or Quake looked better than the modern indies that try to mimic the classics (and even do it in a Unity or Unreal engine, unlike the original which had masterfuly coded software 3d engine). But anyway, as I mostly care about how the game plays, I don't complain much.