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  1. arma kero

    Come on, help a newbie out [which editor?]

    armadosia is my first wad and i made it with: -wadauthor for creating all maps -deepsea for transform bitmap texture in wad format -wintex for merge new texture in principal wad -gl bsp for converte wad to open-gl mode.
  2. arma kero

    Hell on Egypt

    ok ^^
  3. arma kero

    Doomers by Location

    [**]Europe [***]France [****]La Saussaye [*****]Arma Kero
  4. this new weapons looks very good :) just one question with new weapons mod: someone know a mod with inferno weapon like the laser with satanic cross and skin in the game doom64 ? it must be interested to kill monsters with their weapons :D
  5. arma kero

    new megawad "armadosia"

    ^^.no i don't have a real picture of him...but i'm a fan and i had many many flat eric (real size,middle and little). but i like manga and japanime like you must see...and in the first room where there are picture of manga-girls,they are photos of my paintings ;) conserning the texture i forget that i take one texture from the game "return to wolfenstein castle" for the map 31...but i think that everybody had reconize it. a little quote: -in map 31 there is no health...it's normal ^^ -in map 32,the exit is when you walk on an armchair of the black lodge,in the forest.(the passage to go in the forest is in the last room of my house...see the window ;) ) not forget to say me if you see bugs or bigs errors...sorry for the misaligment of some texture,i had not gift for that.
  6. arma kero

    new megawad "armadosia"

    ^^...i'm french
  7. arma kero

    new megawad "armadosia"

    i play dreamcast on my monitor with a pci card "win-tv" so i can take screenshot to have texture but i not take entire texture,only some piece that i modified to have a good result in the alignement and coloration with the reste of texture.i take 3 textures of this game,4 of doom64 and 6/7 of turok,i'm not remember the number exactly but it's very a little number...(i take texture of the games that i love :D )
  8. arma kero

    new megawad "armadosia"

    yes there is an error of corrupt file and impossible to find where come from,so i change the compression format to ZIP (i used winzip 9)and now that work. you can download it now. sorry for the problem.
  9. arma kero

    new megawad "armadosia"

    yes you can use them excepte the 6 textures of the final boss (because this is my real face ;D ) for others textures: a little number of texture coming from games like doom64,turok(nintendo64) and shadowman(dreamcast) but i modified them. i found some texture on the web in free pack of texture (normaly),i modified them too. and finally i create original texture with the original texture mixed with metal or marble texture,and other coming from photograph and scan principaly for map 32 (manga texture on the wall and floor and wall like the "black lodge" of twin peaks (for those who know twin peaks)
  10. arma kero

    What system did you have your 1st Doom expierence?

    doom on supernintendo ^^ (with the super FX chip in the cardbridge)
  11. arma kero

    new megawad "armadosia"

    yes,you're right.i correct the error. ( i put start player 2 instead of start player 1.....stupide error) thanks ;)
  12. arma kero

    new megawad "armadosia"

    i started the map when i was unemployed but i found a job 2 years ago ;) for the crash,i don't know.i don't use prboom.the map 32 is not a big map (the biggest is map 28).perhaps it's because of the texture of sky which are everywhere (on the sky but also on the floor between the bars of the cage)....or perhaps the high number of bars cause the crash. :(
  13. arma kero

    new megawad "armadosia"

    hi,i'm new on the forum,but i go on doomworld every week to download wads on the newstuff chronicles.. now i write this post to say you that i create a megawad (32 maps) for doom2. you can download it on my website at: http://www.armadosia.euro.st (i started this wad when i'm unemployed 3 years ago...and now it's finish ^^) you're comments are welcoming especially if you see bugs. i tested my wad with doom legacy and it work fine,but i don't know for others ports. the wad can work in opengl mode. bye