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  1. BiteToBreakSkin

    Doom Movie Questions

    1. What do you think of the footage so far? I think it looks pretty cool, can't wait untill it's out. 2. Do you think you'll like it or dislike it? Well, I'm going to like it. if they made the storyline exactly like doom, it'd fucking suck(doom being an awesome game nonwithstanding. it just had no storyline. :D). Lets face it, with the exception of Doom 3, Doom had no storyline whatsoever except for those inbetween screens you got after beating an episode. Now, if they made the movie like D3.. that'd be wicked. but they decided not to and instead mixed it up a little. I think I'm going to like it. 3. What do you think of the FPS sequences? They look really cool. They did them right, at least thats what I think.
  2. BiteToBreakSkin

    Why doesn't ID revisit Hexen?

    Wow, did you find Hexen 2 that bad? It was a bit buggy, especially on XP, but I liked it. Wasn't as good as the first, but I liked it. And I never realized Hexen was a raven game, I just thought they coproduced it with Id or something to that effect.
  3. BiteToBreakSkin

    Why doesn't ID revisit Hexen?

    I want everyone's opinion. I've seen the Doom 3 hexen mod, and it looks frikkin sweet, but I wanna know: Why hasn't Id themselves revisited the series? I would be first in line to buy Hexen 3 if it ever came out. I know doom is all about Blowing shit up, but I absolutely loved the exploration and puzzle aspects of hexen. I don't know, I guess I might be asking too much from a company that blew up from a game that was all about killing shit and causing mass hysteria. By no means am I putting down Doom, I love it, I just don't get why ID wouldn't go back to the series.
  4. BiteToBreakSkin

    A Question about a wierd version of the Hexen CD I just bought

    Well, when I look at my E Drive, it says only 40 megs of the CD are used, and 0 Megs are left, so I just assume there arent any CD tracks. besides, if they're were, they'd play in WMP. EDIT: Alright, I tried it in WMP, and the CD tracks showed up! man am I a tard. Sorry guys, my fault. I am glad it's a legit copy though, i really didn't wanna own an illegitimate copy of hexen, much less any of the doom games.
  5. hey guys, I only posted twice in the past due to me being really busy. Thats going to change. anyways, I wanted you guys opinion on something. I bought Hexen from CDAccess.com, and when I recieved it, there was no box, just a jewel case. I didn't really mind that much, but when I opened it up the CD said Hexen for Windows 95. I popped it in and there was no CD music like on the regular Hexen CD, but sure enough there was a W95 exe that worked like a charm. On the back there was a sticker that said Made In Canada. am I missing something? if anyone can offer some answers, I'd really appreciate it. Edit: I know the pictures are crap, but I included one of the back of the CD case and the CD.
  6. BiteToBreakSkin

    What happened to Doom Depot??

    Okay, I sincerely apologize for making this thread, as I just scrolled down a bit further in the doom general forum and found basically the same exact topic.. I'll try to not let this happen in the future.
  7. BiteToBreakSkin

    What happened to Doom Depot??

    I recently redownloaded JDoom and wanted to play the Doom 64 TC.. I tried going to the Doom Depot site, and i kept getting 404 errors.. please tell me it's not gone. btw, newbie, but not really.. used to be on here as The Heretics Song, but forgot the password long ago. just decided to make a new handle and become part of the community again.