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  1. SS-Bowen

    [Under Construction] The Dark Tower

    All right, all set, my apologies about that. This computer that I'm on now has some 'issues' when it comes to zipping. So I sent my file to my fathers computer this morning, and now it should be in .zip format.
  2. The Dark Tower is a single map for GZDoom. It is about 90% or so completed, and I would like some people to try it out and tell me what they think it needs/doesn't need. Features: GZDoom only New Weapon: (Twin Revolvers, from The Weapons Mod, the stranger) New/old enemies: (Note: The Harpy sprite from Sirens is in here. Just to let you know incase you have a problem with something like that.)Fake Hitler(Replaces Super Cacodemon), Caesar/Napoleon(Cleric Sprites) and others... Textures: Borrowed from Various sources, I will go into more detail once I finish creating the map, and the text file to go along with it as to who the credits belong to. And of course various other goodies... Heres the Link: http://www.freewebs.com/ss-bowen/downloads.htm Just scroll down and look for the file "The Dark Tower" It may take some time to download, considering certain aspects. It is in .wad format for now, it isn't zipped up. And let me know what you think. Be sure to have fun... But not to much...
  3. SS-Bowen

    The /newstuff Chronicles #277

    I have the newest version... 1-0-10... Oh well, whatever.
  4. SS-Bowen

    The /newstuff Chronicles #277

    For NeoDoom, Is it just me, or is there a "Decorate" Script Error on line 2811? When trying to run it with GZDoom
  5. SS-Bowen

    Echoes Megawad

    I did not know that... I thought that considering they were taken from Wolfenstein itself that they were basically property of Id-software. But in any case, I'll request his permission, unless of course I just drop the project all together and continue on with my life. No big deal either way.
  6. SS-Bowen

    Echoes Megawad

    In some ways yes, in some ways no. There are Wolfenstein Textures, just not as many (Only the ones provided by The Doom 2 Wad) There are sprites as well, but they only replace human characters. (And Cyberdemon/Spider Mastermind) All the demons, imps, etc are the same. The final project would hopefully contain a mixture of both Doomish levels, and Wolfensteinish Levels. Attempting to mix the two together into something unique i suppose... This is also a megawad, and will contain more then one level.
  7. SS-Bowen

    Echoes Megawad

    A while back, I started with my new Megawad, named Echoes. It was basically a chance for me to make up for my absolute blunder with Odium. (Odium was basically my first time making a map period.) Odium used Skulltag as a base, and used the different monsters and textures that were available. The story line was a bit... well insane/evil natured. I replaced a good deal of the human sprites with ones from Wolfendoom as well. (Former Human, Seargent, Chaingunner, Spider Mastermind, Cyberdemon.) The story line was, in a quick breakdown: "You are a Nazi General, and you have gone insane. Why? We don't know. However, considering your new found mental status, you begin killing your fellow commanding officers, and the evil demons which have currently invaded for some strange reason as well. Your goal? Destroy the universe and obliterate everything, including yourself." The first ten maps were supposed to take place during a time period back in the 1940s. The Next ten were going to undergo a futuristic type look, and the last ten were Hellish-Voidish-B.C. I only finished maps 1-5, (5 needs alot of work though) 10, 20, and 30. I then left doom for bigger and seemingly better things. (World of Warcraft) Well now I'm back to dooming, as I've grown tired of World of Warcraft. (You might think that after 12 years of playing doom I'd be tired of this too but I'm not) Whats the point of this little spiel? Well basically I'd like to get my Echoes Project back up and underway. I never received any feed back on the project at all, so that would be a start. LINK: http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=14014 I'd also like to, if any one sees any potential in this at all, get a few people to join me in this. Creating a megawad all by your lonesome isn't all its cut out to be. So, if anyone likes the work at all let me know. If you don't like it, tell me what I can fix. If you'd like to assist me in any way, that'd be fine too. Have a nice day. :)
  8. SS-Bowen

    Sprites I need...

    It looks exelent. It has a viking-look to it, but thats okay, I'm not that picky, and I'm sure the player will pick up on what its supposed to be. i just searched Cleric on Google, and found a wad file with him in it. Thx. I don't want any one to go through any trouble on my account. I'm sure theres something out there I can find thats reminisent without having to take screen shots and aligning them, etc. Thanks again. PS Does any one have the decorate information for the Cleric?
  9. SS-Bowen

    Sprites I need...

    I don't have Daggerfall either, but I'll look around for it or something from it that could posibly help. I'm using a color-modified version of the Bishop which I found in the Wad Void for the Crimson King. However, I now want to modify the attack using either DeHacked, or Decorate. Does any one know the its number/name?
  10. SS-Bowen

    Sprites I need...

    Sounds like a plan. But uhh... I don't have Hexen **
  11. SS-Bowen

    Sprites I need...

    I'm making a giant dark tower in a field of roses with Hitler, Napoleon, Caesar, The Crimson King (From Stephen Kings Series the Dark Tower) and a angelic-type enemy inside of it. Along with the usual Imps and such here and there. Sound fun? :P
  12. SS-Bowen

    Sprites I need...

    I need sprites of a guy on a horse that I Could use as Napoleon. (It could just be any guy on a horse that I could add a hat to.) I also need a few sprites of Julius Caesar if its a possibilty. If any one knows where I can find them, it would be most appreciated. If you want to email them to me, just try either... SSManipulator@Netscape.net or SS_Odium@Yahoo.com Thank you
  13. SS-Bowen

    Can someone comment on my first pwad ever?

    Its alot better then my first attempt at a Megawad... You guys remember that one dontcha? Odium... It was absolutely horrid... Any way, back to the topic at hand, this is good, sadly i have no one to play with so i'm forced to playing it solo. And of course, since solo, iddqd is required. Its no Deus Vult though. I rated it in the middle.
  14. SS-Bowen

    A Megawad for 2006 (1monster) [Finished]

    I just signed on to doom world for the first time in about 6 or so months, and saw this. I saw the listings for people's maps on page 1 and thought there were more spots open, so i requested one. Then i looked throught the posts more throughly, and saw that on page three there was another listing, and that everything was taken. So, ya. and have a great day!
  15. SS-Bowen

    Request a sprite

    I don't suppose any of you have read The Dark Tower series by Stephen King. I would like to see, and use a sprite of The Crimson King if someone with a bit more artistic ability then I could create one. (Also don't forget the fact that he throws those Sneetches everywhere) I'd probably replace the Revenent (since the ability of the homing missiles. Heck, If I have enough time, and get enough sprites together, along with a few other people we could possibly make A Dark Tower megawad. Just a thought. Btw, heres a pic of what he looks like: http://www.thedarktower.net/artwork/7/He%20sat%20on%20this%20throne%20-%20which%20is%20made%20of%20skulls.jpg