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  1. DumbSCRIPTguy

    WHY are you STILL playing Doom?

    I play doom for the same things i still play Age of Kings - i got HookEd :-)
  2. DumbSCRIPTguy

    Bare Bones iWAD

    Name it DOOM2.wad.
  3. DumbSCRIPTguy

    Most Memorable Doom Experience

    I remember the first time i played DOOM, i was around 6 or 7, and i just had got the full version of doom (Dont remember where :|) And i got to The final level, i was sick and tired at then, and i should have went to take a pee but i wanted to play, then i saw Spider Mastermind, and heard the squealing and moaning of the mastermind, shocking me, and making me wee on my chair :P Around 1 minute later i found myself laughing on the floor.
  4. DumbSCRIPTguy

    Batch Palette Convert

    I have used the recolorBMP when it first came out, it ran GREAT on my older comp (AMD Athlon XP 2800+ was it) But i get errors all the time on my newer (Intel Core 2 Duo E6600) one ;( But that doesnt change the fact its a graet program.
  5. DumbSCRIPTguy

    Easy way to recolor 8 bit bmps

    Right, if you are having problems recoloring sprites, here's a program written by Adam Biser originally for use as a wolf3d tool. http://winwolf3d.dugtrio17.com/ (Select recolorBMP from the navigation bar on the left)
  6. DumbSCRIPTguy

    Headshots (EDGE DDF)

    In real life, if you would be in a war, and you'd shoot the enemy into the hand hes holding his gun with, he wouldn't be able to do anything, heck if you shoot him in the head all of his operations will be canceled and he will be immediately dead. However if you shoot him in the heart it could give him a few critical seconds to shoot you (Ofcourse a shot in the heart would produce unbelievable pain and only a few could do anything more than scream)
  7. DumbSCRIPTguy

    Headshots (EDGE DDF)

    Im pretty sure it has been done, but it doesnt help me at all unless you link me to the thread/wad it is in.
  8. DumbSCRIPTguy

    Headshots (EDGE DDF)

    Well, i just happened to start DOOMing again, and one night (when playing CS) i came accross it: Would it be possible to make a kind of projectile that would be attached on the enemys head, and when you shoot it with any weapon doing atleast 1 damage,it would kill the enemy, and even trigger a special death animation (And for geeks like me even play a sound like "Headshot!")? Im not that good with DDF so i kinda dont know how to do it.
  9. DumbSCRIPTguy

    Record programs

    Im looking for programs that record audio not using a microphone, but by recording from the file you are playing etc. if you are watching a movie, it will record the sound effects played etc.
  10. DumbSCRIPTguy

    Fears of a second Cold War

    No thanks, i got a flue.
  11. DumbSCRIPTguy

    Berzerker: My latest Flash movie (not Doom-related)

    Very nyce. It might not be the highest quality, but it sure didnt lack blood and violence!! Please, make another??
  12. DumbSCRIPTguy

    Some mapset ive made

    You narrowminded, thats fantastic!! I love the small klaustrofobic feeling, makes me so hellish
  13. DumbSCRIPTguy

    Doom: The New Weapon

    Yep.... Wolfenstein3D mods are hot. Too bad my current project got wiped out as i formatted my HD.
  14. DumbSCRIPTguy

    Doom: The New Weapon

    And please, learn to spell, its Blazkowicz. I guess its an alright idea. Just use correct grammar and dont jibber.
  15. DumbSCRIPTguy

    post your desktop

    Yes, i know, my desktop is extremely messy. And to all of the peoples with internet explorer, plz duwnload firefox plz plz plz!