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Everything posted by Apdoshell

  1. Apdoshell


    How do I put sid songs into my map? is it even possible? Do I need to convert them? What format do I need to convert them to and how? thanks
  2. Apdoshell


    hell yeah, it works great! nice as hell
  3. Apdoshell

    What system did you have your 1st Doom expierence?

    Some old 386 with 4mb ram , it ran quite poor. I was 8 when Doom came out and I was too afraid to play without degreelessness mode on lol
  4. Apdoshell

    Favorite Weapon

    shotgun & barrels
  5. Apdoshell

    The poop is dead.

    Totally agree
  6. Apdoshell

    God Mode

    When Doom came out I used degreelessness mode because I was scared ,heh
  7. Apdoshell

    Detailaholics Anonymous

    Recently scrapped my map. Too much pointless detail and not enough fun stuff.. gonna start a new one now
  8. Apdoshell

    What has Doom most contributed to?

    Doom taught me to make sure I had enough ammo before flipping a switch
  9. Apdoshell

    Doom Builder map editor version 1.66 released!

    Only done one map so far but Doom Builder is pure joy to work with :)
  10. Apdoshell

    Post a picture of yourself!

    nuff said.
  11. Apdoshell

    Liver Failure Enthusiasts, Vote!

    Bobby prince & beer. Best combination ever. :DD
  12. Apdoshell

    Post a picture of yourself!

    People often mistake me for a homeless person :)
  13. Apdoshell

    Liver Failure Enthusiasts, Vote!

    The cheapest beer i can find. I go crazy when I drink whiskey, vodka etc
  14. Apdoshell

    When you had to live in a doom level......

    I'd live in E1L1 with an infinite amount of beer & spirits.. Great music playing 24/7 and imps to drink beer with, yeah
  15. Apdoshell

    Favorite Ultimate Doom song?

    E1l1, e1l2, e2l1, e2l2, e2l4, e3m2 etc. They're all friggin good
  16. Apdoshell

    Terri Schiavo :(

    I'd rather be dead than lying in some bed with diapers for the rest of my "life"
  17. Apdoshell

    School shooting

    You've probably seen this before, anyway: http://www.cnn.com/US/9904/28/dark.culture/ *laugh*
  18. Apdoshell

    Doom Movie plot.

    Im just glad Uwe Boll isn't involved.
  19. Apdoshell

    IDDQD tshirts

    Bah, cheap looking tshirt. I'll buy the original doom t-shirt instead, too bad it doesn't come in black
  20. Apdoshell

    Sliding doors visible through walls

    Had the same problem but fixed it somehow.. mess around a bit
  21. Apdoshell

    totaly evil and somewhat doom

    "Dora said many other people also say they have seen the image on the turtle, and get scared away." retards
  22. Apdoshell

    editing huds and main menus

    I use Wintex 5.0 , how do I replace sprites? I've got some stuff I wan't to have in my map.
  23. Apdoshell

    That DOOM Feeling

    When it's raining outside I often open the window so I can smell the rain while playing Doom. I probably need help lol
  24. Apdoshell

    What is your favorite SP single level wad?

    The wicked series, especially wicked_5