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  1. Nazxul

    ZDoom Bugfix Release

    Nice ... that savegame bug was starting to affect me a lot.
  2. Nazxul

    Doom: The Movie: The Review

    Not particularly, but there are people that do. I recognise that there are different types of movies made for different audiences with different interests. Hence, I do not bag the absolute fucking shit out of something, like some people do, just because it doesn't appeal to my particular interests. ;) Actually, I liked Ninja Turtles... :P
  3. Nazxul

    Doom: The Movie: The Review

    Oh, lighten up would you? The purpose of films are to entertain. If "big tits, guns, and hi-speed chases" do it for most people then these people are being entertained and the movies are achieving what they were only ever made to do in the first place - entertain people. And there is absolutely no reason to bring this kind of thing into a conversation about movies. That's just ridiculous.
  4. Nazxul

    Doom: The Movie: The Review

    Man, I wish I lived in the States ... I could be watchin' the movie right now!! I'm in Australia so I gotta wait 'till next Thursday. I can't wait, though - I wanna see it just 'cause it's Doom and for all the shooting and monsters and killing and blood and guts and explosions and shit!! Me and my friends are so psyched! So yeah, it didn't end up being completely true to the game which no-one is happy about, but you know, I'm just so grateful that it didn't turn out as bad as it was looking to be with all those initial rumours ... y'know, no Mars, no UAC, no teleporters, man-made virus, etc... The fact that it has come this far from that makes me happy enough. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone thought of it.
  5. Nazxul

    This Just In, Doom Movie Is Terrible

    Man this thread is fun to read. I had a question though (not relating directly to this topic, but about the Doom movie). Has anyone checked out the new doommovie.com website design? Moreso, has anyone checked out the new screensaver they have up there? It features a number of FPS sequences from the movie, divided into sections by the Doom logo and a small loading thing shown at intervals. Someone please download this, watch closely at the second 'section' and tell me if that is not a freaking monster weilding some kind of weapon or chainsaw. Not a zombie, but a monster. WTF is going on?? Monsters DO NOT carry weapons!!
  6. Nazxul

    Interview about some movie

    WTF ... we see movies with fantastic CGI like Lord Of The Rings, Star Wars III, AVP, War Of The Worlds, and countless others (they are the only that come to mind right now) with all these incerdible creatures, effects and environments... yet this guy reckons it's not possible to do a little floating head monster thingy? I find that hard to believe...
  7. Nazxul

    Another trailer for some movie

    Hmm true, that line could could have just been in reference to the zombies...
  8. Nazxul

    Another trailer for some movie

    Heh, thanks for that. ; ) But I still don't get why it was censored when I can say other stuff like the f-word. Btw, has anyone seen the new "A Look Inside" video on the doommovie.com web site? From what is said, it seems like all the monsters are in fact genetically mutated humans. :( Oh well, we'll see...
  9. Nazxul

    Another trailer for some movie

    I'm liking this idea of the genome mapping being a reason for being able to use the teleporters, and I'm starting more and more to believe that that's what's going on. I feel they've made too many references to "hell" in trailers and whatnot for it not to be there (plus various other little things like the use of harsh reds and flames in the title logo). It would just be stupid now if it wasn't. My opinion now is that the movie is gonna be either major kick-arse, or a complete piece of shit. Let's hope it's not the latter. By the way, does anyone have any links handy of where they read that hell was *******ely in the movie? Thanks in advance. EDIT: Why the fuck is "d e f i n a t e l y" partially censored out?
  10. Nazxul

    Another trailer for some movie

    I quite liked the first teaser trailer but this is totally f'ing wicked. Seriously, the only thing I can complain about is the FPS... I like the idea and in some bits it looks great but some parts look badly done and somewhat cheesy. Like some other dudes said, if they don't abuse it, I have no problem at all. Can't wait 'till they release a High-Definition version of this trailer... And that song is way mad sweet ... anyone know what it is by any chance? EDIT: Got it. "Switchback" by Celldweller
  11. Nazxul

    Doom On The iPod

    Damn, my iPod model doesn't support it. I'd try it, looks a bit laggy in those demo videos, though...
  12. Nazxul

    Pics From Some Movie

    For the dudes that didn't get to see 'em before the site went down: http://doom3.planet-multiplayer.de/news.php?extend.1818 These are the first versions of the pictures I myself have seen so I'm not sure if they're all there or if they have been modified in any way from the originals. My opinions? They look great, especially the Imp/s. I don't know if I like the sliminess of the supposed Hell Knight/Baron Of Hell. He reminds me a bit much of the human/alien hybrid from the end of Alien Resurrection. That and that he's a bit small which I know a lot of people have already addressed...it's just kind of a big thing for me. By the way, I'm having trouble figuring out what that thing is in the explosion pic ... what does everyone else think? (unless its just a piece of monster flying off from the explosion).
  13. Nazxul

    First Picture From Doom Movie!!!!!!

    Actually, I'm pretty sure the budget was 70 million. As for the rest of your post....well....WTF?!?! Yeah, it is Karl Urban, and what you talking about? It looks exactly like him! Google for some pics or go watch something with him in it thats NOT Lord of the freaking Rings. And the chick to the far back left is Rosamund Pike. And of course the picture is a crewshot, you really think there's gonna be a bit in the movie where they all line up pretty for you to look at like that?
  14. Nazxul

    First Picture From Doom Movie!!!!!!

    Hahaha, y'all thought it was supposed to be Mars! That's funny. They're obviously still on Earth, as some have already pointed out. Anyways, I thought it was confirmed that the movie was taking place on some "Olduvai" and that there was no demons, but some gay arse virus. Yet, that review states that the movie is taking place on Mars. So whats the deal, does anyone know for sure? Maybe all hope is not lost... The pic is kickarse, makes me feel all tingly inside, but it just doesn't scream Doom. It screams S.W.A.T / Stargate SG-1 to me, which isn't good. But I'm aware that it's just a pic, so I'm not making any vast judgements yet. I still have hope for this movie, but I'm very scared aswell. I noticed something which I thought was very interesting... http://friendpages.com/pages/gamers/bigmushroom/photo6.jpg Have a look at the gun The Rock is holding, and now check this out: http://friendpages.com/pages/gamers/bigmushroom/photo5.jpg Yep, thats the classic Plasma Rifle from Doom. Now is it just me, or does the Rock's gun look extremely similar to the old Plasma Rifle? I hope is it, I hope so bad.