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  1. Yeah, just in case you're wondering what happened to me, the hard drive in my computer messed up - died, in fact, all of a sudden. So until I get another hard drive I'll be offline.
    Sorries to the advent calendar project crew, but I thought I should let you know. You may care or not at your discretion.

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    2. Chip


      Oh wow! 15 years and still no drive! 

    3. Zero Master's Clone

      Zero Master's Clone

      Last visited December 31, 2005


      I don't know about other websites but on YouTube people would start asking if you are still alive

    4. Womp the Cat

      Womp the Cat

      2023 and the mystery of DooMBoy remains

  2. DooMBoy

    Xbox 360: Fate of Dreamcast?

    I say we sit back and wait and see what happens.
  3. DooMBoy

    Preferred Final Doom IWAD (if any)?

    TNT's maps are easier and more user friendly but don't look as pretty as Plutonia's, but Plutonia's maps are geared more towards the seasoned player, which can turn off players who aren't big fans of hard maps. Which one do I choose? Good question, probably TNT for the reasons mentioned above.
  5. DooMBoy


    I don't smoke, and I never plan to. I really wish the people I know who smoke (nearly all of my friends, my younger brother and my mom and dad) didn't smoke but...oh well.
  6. DooMBoy

    Doom Comic?

    That 'thingy' is a Cyberdemon. How long have you been playing Doom?
  7. DooMBoy

    why is awesome good but awful bad

    This thread is AWEsome
  8. DooMBoy

    Aubrey Hodges appreication thread

    I downloaded some of the PSX tracks and a couple Doom64 tracks off that place and I must say that Aubrey Hodges is a master music maker. Very moody and atmospheric music, just badass.
  9. DooMBoy

    A Weaird Face

    Screarded? What the hell?
  10. DooMBoy

    Doom\II hardest maps

    Hmm...what I can remember Doom2 wasn't really that hard for me, but the later levels did have their moments. As for Ultimate Doom, E4M1 and E4M6 immediately spring to mind.
  11. DooMBoy

    Editing help ["Sectors not closed"]

    Uh, have you tried, you know, fixing the sectors? Delete them and then redraw them (or however sectors are done in DoomBuilder).
  12. DooMBoy


    Yeah, when I see someone doing something stupid I kinda feel sorry for them since sometimes they don't know they're doing something stupid and they don't realize they're going to hurt themselves or others through their stupid actions. On the other hand, if a person is doing something stupid and know they're doing something stupid and winds up getting hurt or whatever, they get what they deserve and I just laugh at them.
  13. Sign me up, I'll do something.
  14. DooMBoy

    It is done =D

    Downloading it now. From what these other guys have said I expect it to be nothing but the best :D