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  1. Well, I'm back again! Just got connected back to the 'Net a couple minutes ago! My modem went off the deep end and I had to get a new one, and it was none too fast getting here(no suprise there-things take longer to get to you when you're waiting for them.) Anyway, I promised myself that I would come directly back over here and tell everyone that, yes, I'm still alive, and I wasn't purposely avoiding this place. This place is like my second home!
    /me dances for joy

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    2. fodders


      BAAAAAAAAD boy

    3. captmellow


      I use WinRAR. Way better and no shareware limits of distributing Executables and it allows better compression radioes.

      Hmm . . . didn't know that re: the unrestricted exe distributable. That would circumvent the prob of a recipient not having winrar, which is what has kept me from using winrar very much. I've preferred going w/ the lingua franca of archives, i.e. zip. But rar is the superior compression tool, I agree.

    4. pilottobombadier


      I use winACE, way better. I was able to compress a graphics wad by more than %50...that was awesome. And I can open anything with it.