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  1. Well, here's my day, let the bitching commence.

    6:00 Wake up
    6:30 Dress in wrong clothes, have to change, otherwise the coppers will get me!
    7:30 Step outside, meet up with some Nazi Friends
    8:00 Arrive at Wellinghaumer's School for Young Dictators
    8:30 Go to band practice, play trumpet, vomit, rinse and repeat
    9:00 Arrive at Trig class, stumach flu kicks in
    9:30 Go to nurse's office, bitch, complain that I have a stumach flu and southern accent, alarmed, Nurse sends me home
    10:30 Arrive at home, commence lazing
    11:00 Listen to Led Zeppelin for an hour straight
    12:00 Play oddworld while listening to Jacko's Thriller
    1:00 Continue lazing for 2 hours
    3:00 Wake up in a daze, with Hitler's blood on my hands, then wake up
    3:30 Watch a little TV, play a little Homeworld
    4:00 Go to piano lessons
    4:30 Go to JC penny for polo-shirt sale
    5:00 Go home with 4 polo-shirts and a purple dress shirt(I'm that in tone with my sexuality) all for a stunning 50 bucks.
    6:30 Browse forums
    7:00 Bitch about day to complete strangers.

    There she is so far, I never got to finish that homeworld game...

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    2. Bank


      Indeed, it seems that both of us stated our opinions vaugely, so, we discussed it, and did agree. It turned out pretty well!

    3. Jayextee


      Comiclez said:

      we discussed it, and did agree. It turned out pretty well!

      Holy crap, an actual working example of communism working! :D

    4. Bank