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  1. A friend gave me his Sega Genesis as a going-away present and I'm just giddy playing around with it, but I need some more good games. Any suggestions? I'm a big fan of the side-scroller.

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    2. Mancubus II

      Mancubus II

      Vectorman has been mentioned, I recommend that. Earthworm Jim is always a bit of sidescrolling fun.

      Also get the classics, will help you to sell it later potentially.

    3. alexz721


      Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine!

    4. DooMAD


      I don't think anyone's mentioned Spiderman Vs Venom: Maximum Carnage yet. Excellent side scrolling beat-em-up.

      brinks said:

      Gunstar Heroes

      Yay, one of my favourites.

      Technician said:

      ToeJam & Earl

      Also good. I can never remember if it was 1 or 2 that I preferred. I think it was Panic on Funkotron or something like that.

      Bucket said:

      Comix Zone

      Brilliant game, but it's either very difficult, or I just wasn't very good at it.