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  1. Well, finally got out on my own (and a roommate) here in Brooklyn. We got a really nice and affordable brownstone close to my university.

    As we did in our dorm room, we've made a staunch promise to pay for essentially nothing except mattresses. Everything else we've found on the street such as: Amplifiers, couches, beds, armchairs, record players, TVs, stoves, washing machines, computers, keyboards, toaster ovens, microwaves, lamps, cds, tapes, about 15 large speakers, underfloor subs, pots, pans, silverware, glasses, art, and of course I once found three bags of artisan bread right after a bakery closed shop for that night.

    So if any NYC doomers wanna chill after April 15th I got a happenin pad.

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    2. Shaikoten



      Man I wish I had the option of doing curb pickups, I'm too rural though. What we do have are awesome flea markets though. Sadly it's not free junk diving, but it's junk diving nonetheless, and usually pretty close to free.

      Did you guys get any decent audio equipment?

    3. Bank


      Shaikoten said:

      Did you guys get any decent audio equipment?

      Yeah, right now we're sitting on 2 technics amps, two other panasonic amps from the 70s, 2 subs, a 5 disk cd changer, several record players one direct drive, 3 massive 5 tweeter block speakers, and about 10 big tower speakers. The rest are fairly shitty.

      All kinds of wood paneling up in this bitch too.

    4. Use


      I'd come over, but I'm afraid you may be flakey. (pick a side, jrk!)