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  1. I love wearing a suit. It is just one of those things that as a man you get to do. Surprisingly a ton of men I talk to really hate putting on anything with a collar and I don't understand this. Suits look good and personally I always feel great wearing them. I'm never uncomfortable and never feel constrained, but that's just me. You also get a lot of freedom when you wear a suit, outside of very formal occasions you have a lot of choices in color, accessories, materials, etc. Also, I always notice a positive response from perfect strangers whenever I find myself wearing a suit, whether it's a compliment on the street or a friendlier clerk at a bodega.

    It might be that a lot of people's suits don't fit, or perhaps they don't fit the suits perfectly. I'm not the tallest so it's always hard for me to find pants where the legs aren't too long because everything comes in a 32 or 33 inseam and when you're 30 it's a pain. But wearing a suit is about being a man and the right attitude can make a big difference. 60 years ago everyone wore suits, it wasn't the law and there wasn't a dress code but people did it because they were expected to. We don't expect anything out of anyone any more and there's a lot of good about that but plenty of bad too--just look at the People of Walmart.

    Anyway folks I'm interested in hearing some doomworld opinions because it seems like every picture I've ever seen of any of you guys has been a black heavy metal t-shirt and a beard.

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    2. 40oz


      Suits are pretty awesome but I hate dress shoes with a fucking passion. Let me wear sneakers and I could wear a suit all day. Tuxedoes are pretty damn cool I wore a real tuxedo that I rented for senior prom and they really do make you "feel like a million bucks"

    3. Bank


      DuckReconMajor said:

      I like wearing suits.

      I also like going to the store in pajamas.

      I'm also disappointed that that your little "Suits Look Good" thing weren't links. You can never have too many Bank pictures.

      See My Vest

      I'm originally from the west coast as well and it's true that no one really wears a suit, here in New York City I certainly see them a lot more but I also see more drag queens, homeless people, club kids, and other various white Rastafarian rollerskaters. My hair is tied back and Yes, I need the glasses to see.

    4. brinks


      Bank said:

      Made from real gorilla chest?