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  1. So I'm a year older now and it's been an exciting one at that, let's go over some highlights.

    * Moved into brownstone apartment only to move out 6 months later when landlord initiates illegal construction, evicts other tenants, turns off heat, and severs lease. I am currently living a block away in a much nicer place.

    * Celebrated my anniversary with my lovely girlfriend.

    * Stalked and harassed by estranged mother via the internet.

    * Worked on secret project for video game "Doom"

    * Had animations and illustrations featured in gallery shows.

    * Cut off my wild mane of hair for the first time in 10 years.

    * Wore a collared shirt and no jeans for the last 8 months by choice.

    * Photographed and interviewed as fashion designer during NYC's fashion's night out, despite not being a fashion designer nor making first assertion that I was.

    * Plenty of other stuff I may remember eventually.

    So I'm on the hotseat folks, ask away.

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    2. Planky


      If you owned Doomworld.com, how would you run the site? Who would you ban first?

    3. Bank


      lupinx-Kassman said:

      I like the wads you listed, but people still are doing creative things with doom. You just aren't looking around I guess. (In case it is all of the tormentor-esque stuff you're thinking about, every year has always had its plethora of uninspired crud.)

      Where did I insinuate people weren't? I merely mentioned a time period where I thought they were breaking previously unheard of boundaries...

    4. Creaphis


      Bank, you've got some nerve listing your favourite wads on a Doom forum. We don't stand for that kind of thing around here.