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  1. Do you miss the old Doomworld?

    I do miss the old forms. I'm not a fan of the status updates, likes, and social media circle jerking. But the new forums do work, and it's helping it grow. And I still probably wouldn't be that active in the older software either. But I feel like the new DW shows us what's on everyone's mind in excruciating detail. It's just not my thing.
  2. New Forum

    Holy shit. This just gave me the realization I only browsed blogs, losers, and post hell...
  3. The /newstuff Chronicles #522

    But it's such an obscure thing to do. Like, okay. You tried to make a clock out of normal textures. Congrats. What's the point of somebody else doing it too? It's making things harder than they need to be and as you saw, for no reward.
  4. The /newstuff Chronicles #522

    Ah, the classic "you have to be a mapper to critique" argument. Also half an hour is nothing. Also looks like the clock had a stroke.
  5. Doom Ornament I made

    I'm just imagining demon dad jokes.
  6. user Malinku was murdered

    That's seriously fucked up
  7. I made a huge mistake today

    I 100% disagree. People think they're making a different by writing shit in but they'll just be seen as the idiotic tiny percent who handed the election over.
  8. The story behind your custom avatar

    Well as long as we're doing anime...
  9. My license number was posted this afternoon. I'm officially an RN!

    CAT is computer adaptive testing, the software which determines if we can become licensed. When I got up to the 60s I knew the computer would shut off at 75. I just felt it lock onto my ability level as the difficulty level narrowed. In case you are wondering what the shit I am talking about, see below:

    Now to find a job!

    1. Hellbent


      Congrats and good luck!

  10. What was the name of this movie?

    I'd agree that's quality entertainment.
  11. What are some of the oldest sites you know of?

    Hecklers.com It had this great shooter where you point at your coworkers and compliment them. Also had "world's funniest decapitations".
  12. What's your favourite Doomworld thread?

    The one where the guy talks about heavy metal music and uses linkin park as an example and everyone makes fun of him. Edit: yeah, that lucario one
  13. With women I make sure to refer to them as m'lady and give them enough items so they can see not all guys are bad. Any time guys start groveling over her I set them straight over private message.
  14. Favorite Doomworld members

    I like essel, rev, shai. And tango is pretty cool too. All the jetsons are my favorite!