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  1. Turned 27 yesterday. I don't know how to adult.

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    2. TheNerdTurtle2


      I don't know what it is but whenever I read Technician's posts I laugh and then reflect on myself and wonder, what happened to him in his childhood that made him this way? xD

    3. zap610


      Thanks for the interesting/kind words! I'm not a drug addict or a rocker, but I am graduating nursing school in August so that could be the thing that gets me. I'd put money on stress-induced heart attack.

    4. dg93


      zap610 said:

      Turned 27 yesterday. I don't know how to adult.

      Happy Birthday Zap!

      Technician said:

      27 is also the exact year when your dick gets a little softer.

      Don't worry, all hope is not lost because if you get married and have kids you will be blessed with a magnificent girthy bastard known as a dad dick.