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  1. So I never really wrote a blog because despite some significant things in my life (graduating high school, getting into college, deaths, trips, relationships, etc) I figured you people really wouldn't care. But I thought this was kinda cool so I might as well share it. I'm currently taking an EMT class at my college and part of the requirement to pass involves spending 10 observation hours either in a hospital or riding along in an ambulance. So tomorrow from 6PM-12AM (yes I know it's 6 hours, I'll be taking a second shift in a couple weeks) I'll be doing a ride along. I heard Sundays are slow so I'm not expecting to see people tripping over their organs, but I'm still pretty excited. I got the slot to ride along with the instructor teaching my class since I already know him and he might be able to get me a job once this is all over. He said I'll probably just be taking vitals or assisting with CPR which is more than I expected, but I'm still down with that. If anything interesting happens I'll probably post it here.

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    2. zap610


      Khorus said:

      I dun ged it?

      I thought the shift would be in the ghetto but it's full of rich white people. Still a big city though so something will probably happen.

    3. bytor


      Do a Tracheotomy on somebody, just for the hell of it.

      Someone tripped over their dog? "Tracheotomy!"

      That will be fun to hear about here.

    4. zap610


      Well the class is finally over; and I passed! Now I need to take the state exam to actually get my license. Since my last post I've done 4 ambulance ride-alongs and oh boy, things did happen. And it's not full of rich people either. It's late now, and it would take a bit of time to write down all the patients I had to deal with so as soon as it frees up I'll be happy to share everything. PS: In CT it's considered a medical condition to be drunk in public; just throwing that out there...