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  1. Still not finished though, need to take the written. The practical part was 6 stations used to physically demonstrate the skills. I failed two stations, had to retake them, and recently found out I passed. Nothing motivates me to get off my ass and do something quite like seeing the rest of the EMT classmates post status updates about their EMT jobs. I've kinda been putting the written off since I wanted to make sure that I know my shit going into it. Hopefully I can pass it on the first time whenever I decide to sign up.

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    2. geo


      One cool thing she told me about their Rescue Squad is if you don't have insurance... then you don't pay for the ambulance ride.

    3. zap610


      That's... Horrible. Was the fat dude's partner around? Also I was looking around job descriptions today and most if not all of them seem to require physical tests, which totally seem fair. One of them even requires applicants to take a written (fuck that I already am taking one to get my license).

      The place that I did my ride time was... Interesting. They swear like sailors, smoke in the ambulance (in between calls of course) and insult me when I screw up... Okay I'm actually glad they do that last one heh. One of the EMTs there said they had this girl who was optimistic and was there because she only cared about helping people and got offended the way some of the problem patients are dealt with. I started cracking up. Okay so I'm kind of rambling now. I'm just really pumped!

    4. geo


      That particular town has all volunteers. Can't fire volunteers... but you can make them try to quit. She's also told me about how sometimes the EMTs will leave without one another. That's one of those wtf? Seriously they can't wait? Its more like an I'm gonna make you look bad by going alone when its just really stupid and very messed up.

      She put in an anonymous complaint that came back to her. They told her there are other towns she can volunteer at.

      LOL smoke in an ambulance. Hilarious. Smoke forms a film over everything. Nothing like being around carsonated materials. But I guess they'd have O2 on you if you're in an ambulance.

      And yes she's told me about the insults because everyone is so strung out from lack of sleep and high on adrenalin that they think every fuck up will get someone killed that they yell at one another a lot.

      My friend is an EMT to help people and to deal with cool things like gunshot victims. ... there are never any interesting calls for her, always when she's off duty.