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  1. Hi everyone, I've been gone from these forums for sometime. Just thought I would say Hi and see How everyone is doing. I never realized how much life could and has changed in the past year. I am one of those people that just sits back and watches where life takes me ,so far I can't complain. Life has had it's up's and downs. But where my life is at. At this point in time I can't complain it seems to be working it's self out. And I hope that the people on here had a fabulous year and things have worked them selfs out for you as well....Ok my rant is done .. Now I can dissapear for another year.. well maybe not for a year.. but You know what I mean.. Latez everyone hugs and kisses

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    2. Ralphis


      Hey man I'm doing great! HOW ARE YOU?

      It's been so long man. When are we gonna get back to work on that thing that we were working on? I finished all of my work in it and you left me hanging. I almost deleted it

      How's the girlfriend and such?

      Good to see you! Gotta jet!

    3. Job


      Did you get that thing I sent you?

    4. Lüt



      Doing OK, just really busy. Working 2 part-time jobs, spent every waking hour this last week moving and I'm still 2 days behind. Setting up is going to take another few weeks and if they guy who's supposed to be my roommate doesn't come through I'll probably spend the next year working, eating and sleeping.

  2. I know I post alot of I-am-bored links but I think I am in the wrong profession. This looks like alot of fun.

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    2. iori


      Ok, that kicked ass :D

    3. Grazza


      Wax Figure: please refer to Kristian Ronge's post here. I think he summed things up nicely.

    4. Bucket


      The only problem I have with that:

      Anything that you won't find on EVERY video/curiosity site is probably on the lines of bukkake, or appears on a site occasionally in between all the bukkake. Take the recent Mr. T video for instance: I first saw it on wtfpeople.com, soon after abum.com, and no doubt it'll be finding its way to ebaumsworld.com in under a week. Going in line with this, I'd wager someone from Stile Project, Consumption Junction or Banged-Up featured it first.

  3. This is a personal thought, so please beware before you read.

    I Enjoy the fact that they decided to expand there horizons to many other players. Doom can now be experienced by other gamers besides the PC world. Doom once Existed on 64, but was not a huge hit. Very sad!

    Even though things have been taken out,rerouted, and somewhat re-designed. It still keeps some of that scary feeling. I myself am not a huge PC gamer, but many of my friends are. I do play, but not as much as most. This allows me to understand the love they have found in this game.Even though the graphics are much better on PC,and a few other choice things that could be named, but I am sure you know what they are.

    Doom 3 on Xbox reaches out to the new generation of kids. This also allows Pc and Console gamers to interact with a mutual understanding and compassion. And for this I am grateful.

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    2. Gokuma


      Wax Figure said:
      an uninformed inexperienced pile of presumptuous crap

      Danarchy said:
      uninformed inexperienced crap concerning consoles but was right about other stuff like greedy corporations

      For years people on Dreamcast and PC have already been playing together in mainly Phantasy Star Online and also Quake 3. People probably aren't bothering with Quake 3 on DC anymore, but right now there's plenty of people playing PSO on both DC and PC together on free servers with most of the players being on DC.

      Anyway, both PC and console games have sucked for the past several years. Dreamcast's death in mainstream market marked the end of good console gaming except for one or two good games that come along every once in a while. Dreamcast isn't really dead though since people are still developing stuff for it.

    3. chilvence


      Wax Figure said:

      Some time in the future there will be no need to have both a PC or console. They will merge into one. There will be no need to buy a better Console because it is out dated, For you can upgrade as you do with a PC. There will be a machine out there that can do both. This is the future.

      Oh yeah, beacause upgrading is one of our all time favourite pastimes :P

      So, will this amazing new device have a mouse and keyboard? Will it support the full range of PC peripherals currently available on the market today, such as trackballs, wheels, drawing tablets, unconventional displays like DVI projectors or the Cintiq? Will it run as broad a range of applications as we have available today, both free and commercial, for tasks such as word processing, image manipulation, 3d modelling, video editing, etc? Will these things just run natively straight away without any messy porting? This is the collected PC programming effort of the entire world to date we are talking about here. In esscence, will this new device not simply be a PC in disguise?

      Because if that is the case, I have great news for you my friend. There is already a machine that combines both the flexibility of a PC and the comfortability of a console.

      The future is now

    4. Bucket


      DJ_Haruko said:

      Maybe I just need some clarification on this, but wouldn't the merging of them be pretty much the same as a computer hooked up to the TV and attaching controlers? With my videocard, I could do this currently.

      The only difference I could see is something along the lines of an instant-on PC, or something near that.

      All I have to say is... NESTICLE.

  4. It accured to me while I was listening to the radio doing a term paper.That music isn't what it used to be, not that it's a bad thing. But still some of it is just plain trash, and how did it make it to the top 10? I miss the way the 80's sounded (ex)David Bowie's shit was way before it's time in the day, But now his newer stuff is like everything else out there. I think People have run out of new Idea's on how to renovate music of today.

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    2. Sharessa


      Wax Figure said:

      I don't think I can embace the sounds of the future

      What about Future Pop?

      Don't let me suffer in silence. ;_;

      ravage said:

      Listening to music from the sixties through to the eighties on the radio is still valid.

      Pfft, not really. They never play any Bowie, Sex Pistols, Skinny Puppy, King Crimson, Velvet Underground, Legendary Pink Dots, or old Pink Floyd, therefore they fail. :P

    3. Janderson


      They occaisionally play the rubettes.

    4. Wax Figure

      Wax Figure

      Numbermind said:

      Appreciating a scene is fine, although you can get too old for it. It's called There's More Than One Bandwagon.

      Gee I'm only 22, Just ship me off to the old folks home. Where's my polladent for my teeth.

  5. I just don't know where to start...First of all Cali is totally sinking into the ocean, and the president sucks, along with the government, well maybe there the same thing.. and on top of that this hole iraq thing... Totally is becoming a bore , I just want it to be over with come on now who needs to die for some oil.. Not I said the wombat.... And what is the world comming to were there isn't anything to do anymore... You live in a place all your life and wait untill your 18 ok so you wait, and then after you do everything you can do when your turn 18 ... you have to wait untill your 21... come on I waited 18 years to be 21 why do I want to wait another three years... damn I could be dead by then... so I waited those three years to be 21 now I did everything I could do when I turned 21 whats left out there for me to do .... have that ugly birthday that says I'm over the hill... well at least I still have a long while before then, but come on I've traveled everywhere and still no excitement... maybe anarchy should just break out... that would be so exciting ...well for maybe a month or two but what then.... gee I gotta stop and think awhile......

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    2. Quast


      Right...and your point is what, exactly?

    3. Wax Figure

      Wax Figure

      Quast said:

      Right...and your point is what, exactly?

      Just speaking blindly from the hole that is my mouth

    4. chilvence


      Perhaps you should stop before something falls out...