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  1. Ok I have nothing against this game, It's a wonderful way to excrise. But a Person who can do this, Just really has way to much time. I can almost garentee that this guy memerized the steps and then decided to juggle on top of it. Just to get a reaction. And I lied this is another worhtless post. I just found it amusing that a person could have this much time on his hands to do such a thing as this. O and the load time might be a little slow.


  2. Epyo said:

    "This paradox is related to a popular television show in the 1970's. In the show, a contestant was given a choice of three doors of which one contained a prize. The other two doors contained gag gifts like a chicken or a donkey. After the contestant chose an initial door, the host of the show then revealed an empty door among the two unchosen doors, and asks the contestant if he or she would like to switch to the other unchosen door." Is switching better or worse than staying? Is there a difference?

    You decide, or let this page decide for you: http://www.stat.sc.edu/~west/javahtml/LetsMakeaDeal.html

    You know this was just in a game forum I just checked About and hour or so ago. Funny how things get around

  3. Ralphis said:

    This is further proof as to why acts of homosexuality should be banned across the US. It's demoralizing and causes tragedy.

    Things like this are outlined in the soon to be introduced gay marriage banning amendment.

    You're spinning the issues. You're omiting anything the dog may have done to the children before hand, therefor you're obviously playing the flip-flop card. You seem to be a liberal by nature, am I right?

    Never said anything about the dog doing anything to the childeren. just said they are ordered to shot the dogs on site, and then I responded to something else and said that the childeren in iraq go to the military bases with bombs.