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  1. I just don't know where to start...First of all Cali is totally sinking into the ocean, and the president sucks, along with the government, well maybe there the same thing.. and on top of that this hole iraq thing... Totally is becoming a bore , I just want it to be over with come on now who needs to die for some oil.. Not I said the wombat.... And what is the world comming to were there isn't anything to do anymore... You live in a place all your life and wait untill your 18 ok so you wait, and then after you do everything you can do when your turn 18 ... you have to wait untill your 21... come on I waited 18 years to be 21 why do I want to wait another three years... damn I could be dead by then... so I waited those three years to be 21 now I did everything I could do when I turned 21 whats left out there for me to do .... have that ugly birthday that says I'm over the hill... well at least I still have a long while before then, but come on I've traveled everywhere and still no excitement... maybe anarchy should just break out... that would be so exciting ...well for maybe a month or two but what then.... gee I gotta stop and think awhile......

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    2. Quast


      Right...and your point is what, exactly?

    3. Wax Figure

      Wax Figure

      Quast said:

      Right...and your point is what, exactly?

      Just speaking blindly from the hole that is my mouth

    4. chilvence


      Perhaps you should stop before something falls out...