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  1. It accured to me while I was listening to the radio doing a term paper.That music isn't what it used to be, not that it's a bad thing. But still some of it is just plain trash, and how did it make it to the top 10? I miss the way the 80's sounded (ex)David Bowie's shit was way before it's time in the day, But now his newer stuff is like everything else out there. I think People have run out of new Idea's on how to renovate music of today.

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    2. Danarchy


      Wax Figure said:

      I don't think I can embace the sounds of the future

      What about Future Pop?

      Don't let me suffer in silence. ;_;

      ravage said:

      Listening to music from the sixties through to the eighties on the radio is still valid.

      Pfft, not really. They never play any Bowie, Sex Pistols, Skinny Puppy, King Crimson, Velvet Underground, Legendary Pink Dots, or old Pink Floyd, therefore they fail. :P

    3. Janderson


      They occaisionally play the rubettes.

    4. Wax Figure

      Wax Figure

      Numbermind said:

      Appreciating a scene is fine, although you can get too old for it. It's called There's More Than One Bandwagon.

      Gee I'm only 22, Just ship me off to the old folks home. Where's my polladent for my teeth.