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  1. I know I post alot of I-am-bored links but I think I am in the wrong profession. This looks like alot of fun.

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    2. iori


      Ok, that kicked ass :D

    3. Grazza


      Wax Figure: please refer to Kristian Ronge's post here. I think he summed things up nicely.

    4. Bucket


      The only problem I have with that:

      Anything that you won't find on EVERY video/curiosity site is probably on the lines of bukkake, or appears on a site occasionally in between all the bukkake. Take the recent Mr. T video for instance: I first saw it on wtfpeople.com, soon after abum.com, and no doubt it'll be finding its way to ebaumsworld.com in under a week. Going in line with this, I'd wager someone from Stile Project, Consumption Junction or Banged-Up featured it first.