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  1. Hi everyone, I've been gone from these forums for sometime. Just thought I would say Hi and see How everyone is doing. I never realized how much life could and has changed in the past year. I am one of those people that just sits back and watches where life takes me ,so far I can't complain. Life has had it's up's and downs. But where my life is at. At this point in time I can't complain it seems to be working it's self out. And I hope that the people on here had a fabulous year and things have worked them selfs out for you as well....Ok my rant is done .. Now I can dissapear for another year.. well maybe not for a year.. but You know what I mean.. Latez everyone hugs and kisses

    1. zark


      who are you

    2. Piezo


      zarkyb said:

      who are you

      His air conditioning failed on him and he melted. Luckily someone reconstructed him, though obviously it took some time.

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