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  1. Jonesy89

    Doom Movie Score Available

    To avoid any confusion, the creatures in the Doom movie were NOT aliens, but a result of a chromosomal mutation of sorts that deformed those who (apparently) had evil souls.
  2. Jonesy89

    Doom: The Movie: The Review

    I've got to say, I came out of the theatre with mixed feelings. It was an enjoyable movie, but the absence of some of the things that made Doom Doom was kind of saddening. It was cool how the first part had good Doom 3 type scares, interesting how the infecton affected people depending on ther soul, but it would have been nice to have more than that one FPS sequence, and a trip into Hell. Overall, a damn fun movie to watch.
  3. Jonesy89

    Problems at id?

    Here's to hoping id doesn't get bought out.
  4. Jonesy89

    Another trailer for some movie

    yeah, it would kinda blow if teleportation and Hell had nothing to do with the movie.
  5. Jonesy89

    Another trailer for some movie

    I had the same thought as Irvin. If you want to teleport someone, studying how the fully mapped genome is affected would help perfect teleportation. But, maybe there is some part of the genome that when tampered with, unleashes 'the beast within'. Hope not, but it's just another theory from a doom fanboy. Also, this fps view reminds me of that old cop show they used to air, always done in first person. kinda cool, hope they do a good job with it.
  6. Jonesy89

    Pics From Some Movie

    Can't even access these pics. Who knows, this may turn out like Final Fantasy; a good movie that has nothing to do with the game.
  7. Jonesy89

    Doom Comes to the Playstation Portable

    It is kinda weird trying to play Doom without a mouse, like for N64 or GBA.
  8. Jonesy89

    Huge Guts!?

    Sounds good, as long as there is enogh acting to go along with the ass kicking. This is Doom, not Rambo.
  9. Jonesy89

    Doom Movie Not This August

    The Rock won't be the main character? Hmmm, maybe he'll go Sargeant Kelly on us in the film
  10. Jonesy89

    Doom Movie Not This August

    Forgive me. It is not my place to act like this, especially since I am new here.
  11. Jonesy89

    Doom Movie Not This August

    Oh, he does very good actings, like in the rundown. Also, XDelusion, why are YOU so overzealous as to how this movie will suck. I am no mod, but it is my personal opinion that if you continue this type of attitude, you may very well be banned (PLEASE tell me you will cyb)
  12. Jonesy89

    Another Doom Movie!!!

    Please don't flame me for asking, but why did John Romero and Graeme Devine leave id?
  13. Jonesy89

    Doom Movie Not This August

    I saw an interview of Todd Hollenshead and he said they were done shooting the movie, so they might be touching it up some with special effects. On a side note, he says he feels Doom fans should get a kick out of it, so I wonder, maybe this won't suck too much?
  14. yeah, the expansion is kinda difficult, kept getting my ass wupped by the third gaurdian and last boss. I liked the ending, just beautiful ;)