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  1. http://www.zdoom.org/wiki/Loki%27s_Palace

    There's going to be a Nightmares of Loki II

    oh shit! Noooooooooooooooooooo!


    with that aside, many were very ticked off at Nightmares of Loki, and my ventage of anger afterwards. I've learned a bit in college and am now capable of 3D modelling. There will be a jdoom trilogy, The Triax Trilogy. This features the first game, Visions of Loki, which I will want to enlist a small group of people to build the largest levels with high detail possible.

    But for now, a step from Nightmares of Loki to Visions of Loki, Loki's Realm.

    This is to gather those that hated the original and actually enjoy the loki games and plot.

    Loki's Palace is in the works, and the levels will be built backwards.

    Once the palace is complete, it will be released for /newstuff. hopefully it won't get as bad of reviews

    1. printz


      The automap looks very linear :/

    2. jplstatic


      that was the knee deep in the dead remix, aka the entire shareware doom episode 1 morphed into one level

      that was a 20 minute meshup, it'll have tunnelways and extra areas and all of that jazz soon

    3. printz


      What? Will that Knee-Deep remix have NEW areas designed to interconnect the original levels and add new challenges? Awesome!

      Interesting idea for the TSoZD authors as well. :)