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  1. CyberDemonHunter

    How Do I Make An Outdoor Area?

    How do I make an outdoor area in DoomBuilder? In other words, how do I make an area under an open sky? One person told me to make the whole level one big room and make the cieling a sky texture, but then I don't think it will have the same stretch effect. Like when you look into the sky in Doom and turn ur a view from side to side, youll see that the sky stretches and distorts... Thx for the help!
  2. CyberDemonHunter

    DoomBuilder Error

    My DoomBuilder wont work right... I found this so far.... When I go make a new map, it opens that box, i select what engine, then i name my map, etc. then when i hit ok it comes up with this message... WARNING: You have no Iwad set for this configuration! WARNING: Could not find required lump PLAYPAL WARNING: Could not find required lumps TEXTURE1 or TEXTURE2 When i try to set an Iwad for the config. I go to my Zdaemon folder and select the wads folder, i then choose doom2.wad in my wad folder. it says: Run-time error '9': Subscript out of range Then when i click ok Doombuilder closes. Also without setting an iwad when i go to 3D mode, it restarts my comp. Thx for the help.
  3. CyberDemonHunter

    Need Tips for New Weapons!!!

    not very good, Ive been WAAAY too busy with my school, tryin to get my grades up, Well I changed A,C,F,B,F,F to A,C,C,B,B,D. But anyways, I havent worked on weapons at all...in fact im having second thoughts about dropping the idea completely and waiting until this summer to either let my cousin do weapons and i do maps if he gets back into modding, or since ill have more time do the weapons myself during the summer. So I dont expect the weapons mods to be out any time soon. Of course I'll keep all ur ideas documeneted. it will still help if u guys give me ideas. But, I may do some sprite and sound replaced weapons, just not custom firing weapons. Hehe pretty cool sort of cheat I found on ZDaemon to get a custom weapon. Charge Beam. It's not available at all times, and usually you'd rather not have it, but I think it wuz pretty cool when I found it. I wuz playing on some Alien Vendetta Server, and I was at this part where I got a plasma rifle and was fighting a mancubis. All of a sudden there was a lag spike and it stopped my plasma rifle. The plasma shooting animation was playing but there was no plasma coming out. The lag spiked for like 6 seconds, then I let go of the mouse button and about 30 cells shot out at once killing the mancubis. So I got a Charge beam for doin nothin. lol
  4. CyberDemonHunter

    Need Tips for New Weapons!!!

    reminds me of squishy....
  5. CyberDemonHunter

    Need Tips for New Weapons!!!

    erm it may not be a while, ive been really busy lately. fallin behind in school >.< and then i got other projects too. But i should be caught up in like a week maybe. So yeah. grr my grades are A,C,F,B,A,F. So its gonna take me a bit to make those A,A,A,A,A,A.
  6. CyberDemonHunter

    Need Tips for New Weapons!!!

    I'll try.
  7. CyberDemonHunter

    Need Tips for New Weapons!!!

    still the majority of doomers has plasma rifle set as their favorite gun...
  8. CyberDemonHunter

    Gamer grandparents?

    i wuz searchin around on the forums and found this...even tho its old its still interestin....so ill be its resurrection.... 2/4 granparents are dead. one of my grandmas plays video poker, my grandpa doesnt play games although last time he wuz visiting he watched me play RuneScape...grr its actually boring when sum1 watches it has no sound and no words. all u do is walk and type. I shoulda been playin doom wor sumthin. He mighta gotten offended by it tho maybe, hes really religious so i dunno. My dad is 56 and he plays games once in a while. he just got Doom3 about 2 months ago. all he plays is doom mostly.
  9. CyberDemonHunter

    possible future monster

    Where does it say that its Baphomet? wth is Baphomet anywayz? I always thought it wuz satan cuz the picture is plastered frickin everywhere!
  10. CyberDemonHunter

    Need Tips for New Weapons!!!

    Its a good idea, but i dont think it would be as much fun. part of the fun is finding where to aim and timing it right. and if it were instant hit the game would be much easier. plus u couldnt blow things apart cuz theres no RL, and the most coveted weapon, the BFG would be taken out. so i dont think i will use that idea, but thx for the contribution!
  11. CyberDemonHunter

    possible future monster

    erm go to ur doom2.exe, then when ur ingame go to new game, nightmare, then when ur on tha first level dont do anything. simply type in idclev 30. u will be taken to a new level. get all the weapons (ur gonna need em).....then tell me, who is that big ugly bitch on the wall?
  12. CyberDemonHunter

    Need Tips for New Weapons!!!

    hmm the OICW would be a good model to build off of! Thx, Sry I've been a bit lazy lately. it seems my life is going nowhere... grades are slipping, i got a friend im havin probs with, too lazy to work on any of my flash projects, wads, mods, anything. But im turning it all around!! just a few days ago i got my grades back up by doing A LOT of makeup, and the friend im thinkin about kick his ass, btw im way bigger than him, i just did a bunch of brushing up on flash so i can work on my movie....which ill mention in a few months on doomworld if it really does take off, now all thats left is the making of my wads and mods >=D seems i bounced right back up. Tommorow I'll try to work on sum pics 4 u guys. thx for waiting for my fat lazy ass. (seriously tho, im not fat...just lazy)
  13. CyberDemonHunter

    Need Tips for New Weapons!!!

    Actually a DM weapon i thought of a while ago wuz something like the cyberdemon gun....it wuz a summon grenade. u throw it and it spawns a cyberdemon that identifies you as a fellow cyberdemon, and attack your opponents. it would take alot of ammo from all stocks to use it tho...
  14. CyberDemonHunter

    Zdoom Doombuilder Wad Compatability

    THANKS!!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!1111111ONEONEONE
  15. CyberDemonHunter

    Need Tips for New Weapons!!!

    Oh shit sry about double post lol, the comp wuz laggin and i hit the submit button a couple times