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Everything posted by LordTrasher

  1. LordTrasher

    How do I use MP3's in EDGE?

    I can't seem to work playlist.ddf
  2. LordTrasher


    The SNES Doom is better than the 32x. The music still sucks, and enemies still always look at you, but all the levels are still the same (Some levels are missing tho) and all the enemies (except Specter) and weapons are at their rightful places, and the game actually HAD an ending (I think). Not bad for the SNES, but still kinda crap.
  3. LordTrasher


    I smell a weekly Doomworld feature...
  4. LordTrasher

    The Cacoland

    That's OK.
  5. LordTrasher

    Quakecon 2002 Extravaganza

    Shyeah, like ANYONE's really gonna listen to THAT.
  6. LordTrasher

    Whats the Story?

    Hmmm... I might do a better Doom64 plot as a fanfic.
  7. LordTrasher

    new site comming up

    Ah well. Covering all bases, etc.
  8. LordTrasher

    new site comming up

    Me? Unicorn? Think of it this way, I can actually speak English. Personally, I just think the fact that DOOM3 will probably cause my machine to start weeping slowly whenever I LOOK like I'm gonna put the CD in, will be a major factor in me playing UT and the old Dooms long after Doom 3 has become coaster material. *dives behind counter*
  9. ...what would you be? I'd probably be the Battlelord from Duke 3D, on cool-factor alone. All together now: "WHAAAARRRROUUUUARRRRRGH!"
  10. LordTrasher

    WolfenDOOM - For Wolfenstein!

    Download here, does not require Wolf3d Basically, it adds Doom stuff to Wolf, and replaces all the levels, and delivers a cool new storyline. You like?
  11. LordTrasher

    new site comming up

    UT will likely stay on my HD long after DOOM3
  12. LordTrasher

    Downgrading Ultimate Doom.

    Why would you want to downgrade it? Do you have some sort of grudge against TeamTNT?
  13. LordTrasher

    Whats the Story?

    The REAL story of every DOOM game ever See those monsters? They're bad. See that really big gun in your hands? Use that to shoot those monsters before they maul you. Rinse and repe-- Huh? Story? Ah, who needs it?
  14. LordTrasher


    You could have used Download Accelerator, so you can speed up, and pause/resume downloads. Search download.com for it.
  15. LordTrasher

    I AM NEW

    I guess I should feel insulted, but I can't help but laugh at the poor dickhead. I'll slightly edit the post to clear up some confusion.
  16. LordTrasher

    I AM NEW

    Who's unicorn? I wasn't around for that. I take it he was kinda useless?
  17. LordTrasher

    shoot of monster parts??

    Try not to push the boundaries man, I don't think you should talk TOO much about leaked footage.
  18. LordTrasher

    I AM NEW

    Those fish avatars that many people seem to have. They just kept coming and coming, until someone (I forget who) finally said "Enough!" EDIT: Cleared things up a bit EDIT: My N key sucks dog balls.
  19. LordTrasher

    I AM NEW

    Hey man. You're welcome here as long as you lay off the Capslock. Here are the rules of Doomworld: 1. By registering, you have acknoledged that Ling 0wns j00. You will not annoy him on pain of death/banning. 2. You will not post images over 640x480 3. You will not bump age-old threads 4. You will not quote images. 5. You will stick to the theme of the forum. Eg. Don't post fanfics in general, or ask Doom 3 questions in Wads and Levels. 6. NO MORE MEWSEFISH. Enjoy your visit to Doomworld. Hey, that was pretty good. *copies and pastes to Notepad, keeps ready for whenever a newbie announces he's new*
  20. LordTrasher

    shoot of monster parts??

    Yes, it was from a legit interview an aussie games mag did with two id guys at e3. I'll scan it and post it sometime soon.
  21. LordTrasher

    I wanna be like Kevin...

    You can download a free, legal version of the Deathmatch mode from blood, converted to Quake, at planetblood.com/qblood/
  22. LordTrasher

    shoot of monster parts??

    According to iD, you can perform "headshots" and there are entry-exit wounds. Bodypart removal may come in later.
  23. LordTrasher

    Special thanks to Linguica

    Yay, I'm registered! :) Oh, and thanks to Ling for keeping the flame burning, and due to the everlasting community, possibly inspired iD to do Doom 3. So, except for last night (When the server was hella-slow, but that wasn't Ling's fault) I say we all give Ling a round of applause (and quite possibly Hissy) for accidentally inspiring iD to do Doom 3. *clappage*
  24. LordTrasher

    Lock and Load

    Rocket Launcher... AKIMBO!
  25. LordTrasher

    How can I get art from...

    Thanks a heap!